Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bolylston Today/ Last Conan O'Brien show

So, I hung out around Northeastern last night. Congrats to my friend Michael Raphael for being published! He wrote the epilogue for Peter Manning's new book Democratic Policing in a Changing: World:

After his book signing party, Michael, his friends and I left his book signing party and ate, we went to his friend's house were we watched the last episode of the Conan-O-Brien's show. By the way, Teryiyaki House on 1110 Boylston Street is actually a pretty good restaurant with reasonable prices... Boston does have some good things:)

I didn't particularly enjoy the comedy of the show, but there was some fantastic music. It was great to see Neil Young sing "Long may you run", even though his voice has unfortunately depreciated like most of the singers of his generation. This summer, I got to see Crosby, Stills and Nash at Jones beach but unfortunately no Young... Also, I was excited to see Billy Gibbons help out in the finale jamming to "Freebird".

I didn't follow my plan of taking a break of chess until a week before the Ameaturs.... When Mike told me I could crash at NEU, it was too tempting to play at the Boylston today.. Fortunately I played decently. I beat my normal first round nemesis Natasha, drew Charles Riordan, beat Paul Mishkin after almost blowing an easily winning position, and lost to Denys Shmelov... Games to come soon.

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