Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Post!!!

So why did I decide to start a blog?--very good question that I dont have a very good answer to.... I know several people with blogs and I thought id give it a chance. In my posts, I hope to share music, and chess hopefully to influence me to actually analyze my games so I can make master in the near future... This past week was rather crazy- played four tournaments... Monday was good- tied for first in White Plains with 2.5/3.. Tuesday was an absolute castrophie scoring 1/3 against 1800s, Thursday was rather sucessful winning the u2200 prize after taking two byes, alhough I did lose to Alex Parades in the Bankers Leage... However, the Delfies are still in first( 4.5/5) :) drew the match... Saturday was bad- drew two lower rated players in winning positions... 2/4 before withdrawing... Finally today, I went out to Westfield for the first time... not a bad experience... I didnt like the conditions all that much as there was lots of a noise in one kind of cramped room; however, I played ok- won my first two games,, against experts, lost to Joshua Colas in the last rd after making a bad hallucination in the opening hanging a pawn outright.. o well.... Anyhow thats all for now... Expect more posts this week about my games from last week/ my internship search.. Going to sleep.... This week I shall review last week's games/prepare for the Liberty Bell...

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  1. wow! four tournaments in a week .. !!

    but just 3 to 5 rounds per tournament right? What's the time control? rapid or classics?