Thursday, January 28, 2010

Interesting Article/ A few other things going on

I thankfully received the constructive criticism that I have been writing too much about chess to keep non-chess players interested in my blog. That brings me to a point:Please do comment criticism as I am new to the "blogsphere" and do want to cater to my readers.

With- that said, I came across an interesting article: It discussed how Las Vegas had more foreclosures than other city in 2009. Admittedly, I did not know what exactly a foreclosure meant so I looked it up:
The legal process by which an owner's right to a property is terminated, usually due to default. Typically involves a forced sale of the property at public auction, with the proceeds being applied to the mortgage debt. according to ( by the way a very useful site for looking up financial and economic terms)

This article particularly struck me as when I was in Las Vegas for a weeks ago, I discussed with my room-ates Kola and Jon how families could live in Vegas,as a significant percentage of its economy is made up of the Casinos and strip. Therefore, when was saw this article on, I wasn't particularly surprised. Any thoughts?

So it turns out,I am New York bound tomorrow for the weekend to coach kids at the NYC Scholastics. I am looking forward to a long weekend of waking up early, listening to a bunch of little kids, on top of a lot of reading to do... Wish me luck:)


  1. Some unsolicited advice: The point of having a blog is to write about what you wish to talk about. You don't 'cater' to the audience. The audience will find you. Your blog appears, to me, unfocused, but that's because you haven't had time to discern your focus. Write what you enjoy writing about, and don't worry about reactions, or lack thereof.

    Your interests are so disparate, that you may wish to create two separate blogs: one musical, one chessical. But no need to rush that decision.

    (Speaking of music, James Burton is better than Eric Clapton. Not many agree with me on this.)

    As an essentially former chessplayer (the recent goings-on at the USCF have disgusted me to the point of waiting for my membership to run out), I can follow what you write about chess, but your comments seem too "inside baseball" for those who don't know a thing about chess.

    But it's your sandbox, do what you want with it.

  2. My opinion and thoughts for you ...

    carry on to write both about chess and music if those you like the most. almost everyone loves music, that's a fact. they have their own preference on music. like for me, I also love music. my music interest is rock. i like metallica esp "one - justice for all", scorpion, guns n roses, heart and joan jett.

    as a newbie or rookie in blogosphere, just have one blog first. if you have time much later and after gain some blogging experience, you can have two blogs catering for each - chess and music.

    anyway, happy blogging ... hopefully you will write more about chess esp the experience of teaching kids chess since i can learn something from that too.

    cheers from Malaysia

  3. Evan - three cheers for eclectic blogging :) and p.s., congrats on breaking 2200. Not that I'm jealous (he said, after trying for 30 years...)