Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Liberty Bell Open/Back to Brandeis

So, I got back to Brandeis at 4 am after a long.... 7 hr ride from Philly. However, we did keep each other busy with convseration. One argument we had was whether or not headphones should be permitted during tournament games. I know they help me focus as I rather hear light jazz or other lower-beat types of music such as Bob Dylan than to hear the other distractions.. What do you all think? Should headphones be permitted?

That leads me to another thing... In the first round, as I arrived just a few minutes late, my opponent was using an Insa clock.. For those of you unfamiliar, they tick quite loudly and it was rather distracting... I was going to ask him if we can use my chronos but I decided just to listen to my Ipod instead. If it was up to me, I would not use the Insa clock anymore as it has unnecessary noise.

So the tournament Round by Round:

1) uninteresting game, beat an 1800 who blundered a pawn early in the opening( Alekhine)

2) White Against IM Dean Ippolito:

1.e4 c6
As Ippolito almost exclusively plays the Petrov these days, I was certainly surprised he played the Caro. In fact, in our post mortem he told me he only began studying it a few weeks ago.
2. d4 d5
3. e5 Bf5
4. Nf3 e6
5.Be2 c5
The most played move her is Be3 as Paul Mac Intyre actually suggested i play instead.. however, Im not entirely convinced 0-0 isnt as good or better as several gms have had success with it including Short who developed most of the line's theory.
6.. Nc6
7. c3 Bg6
On Chessgames.com there are only 3 games with Bg6. The most popular move here is cxd4.
8. Be3 cxd4
This move has been played before but also interesting is nxd4 as seen in Karjakin-Bareev ( World Blitz Championship 2009)
9.. Nge7
10. Nc3 Nf5
11. Bg5
This is where at least according to chessgames.com, we went out of book.. Anand- Karpov in Roque-brune 1992 continued... Rc1 Be7 Na4 0-0 Nc5 Bxc5 Rxc5 Qb6 Qd2 a6 Rfc1 and Anand went out to win in 52 moves
11... f6 possibly too aggressive, safer would be Be7 although white should have a slight edge
12.Bf4 a6
13. Re1 fxe5
14. Nxe5?
Ippolito and I agreed that Bxe5 would give white more chances for an advantage
14.. Nxe5
15 Bxe5 Bd6
16. Bg4 0-0
17. Qe2 Bxe5
18. Qxe5 Rf6
19. Bxf5 Bxf5
20. Re3 Qb6
21. b3 Rc8
22. Na4?
This move turned the tables quickly and white is almost losing. White retains some advantage with 22. Ne2 in order to transfer the knight to the queenside.
22... Qb4
23. Nc5 b6
24. a3 Qd2
25. Nd7 Rf7
26. Nxb6 Be4!
27. Rf1 Qxf2+
It wasn't a terrible game overall... I played well in the opening, obtained some advantage and blew it with 22. Na4. Possibly I could of held after that but it was already close to hopeless.
3) I outplayed an Phillip Sells with another Alekhine and won relatively quickly.. On a side note, when I was just checking the MSA I noticed he recently made expert.. Congrats to him!
4) I lost to Habiki Sakai... I got a slight advantage out of the opening in a Moscow Sicillian but miscalculated a line sacking a pawn, thinking I would trap his queen. However, it turns out I just had to go into a pawn-down endgame and hope for a draw that I did not get. .. He did deservingly out-calculate and sucessffuly obtain revenge against me for beating him in the 2008 Liberty Bell Open.. In addition, he gained 30 points to be just 6 points shy of expert. Good luck to Sabiki to obtain those few extra points soon!
5) I lost another game to Robert Guevera, a friend of mine from New York. I played relatively well, equalizing in the Trompowksy, perhaps to satisfied with a draw and I hung the exchange... So yes, Sunday was a not a good chess day..

That night, a friend of mine Kola Adayemi told me the last day I would need to get to work and kill two kings for him considering I did not part well that day... I did partially satisfy his requirement by winning a nice game against Alan Soble in Round 6 :

Rabin- Soble

1.e4 e6
2.d4 d5
3.Nd2 Nc6
I was rather excited to see Soble play this line as I have actually been studying it quite a bit recently as I drew two winning positions last month gainst Henry Sobo in the Marshall Championship and Luke Velloti in Las Vegas
4. Ngf3 Nf6
5. e5 Ne4
This move, however came as a slight disappointment:( I knew it wasn't all too great but I admittedly only studied the theory after Nd7.
6. c3 f5
7. exf6 Nxf6
8. Bd3 Bd6
9. Qe2?
I played this move is a precautionary measure against e5; however I should just castle as, 9. 0-0 e5 would be very risky with the black king still in the center
9.. 0-0
10. Ne5 Bd7
11.f4 White has a considerable advantage as it is like a an improved stonewall with black lacking the ability to kick the knight on e5 with an f-pawn. At this moment, I really was thinking of Yaacov Norowitz and his dasha principles:)... At this time I built a nice summer home:)
11.. Be8
12. 0-0 Nh5
13. g3 Bxe5
14. fxe5 Rxf1+
Now, I faced a hard decision, in whether to capture back with my knight or queen.
15. Qxf1 Qg5?
16. Ne4 Qe7
17. Ng5 h6
18. Ng3 g5 ( forced!)
19. Nf2 Qg7
20. Qh3 Bf7
21. Be2 Qg6
22. Bd3 Qg7
23. Bd2 Rf8
24. Rf1 Nd8
finally allowing him to move his Bishop on f7
25. Be2 Qg6
26. Ng4 after admittedly not knowing exactly how to make progress, I found a winning plan to force an exchange of rooks and open up the kingside with h4
26.. Be8 Otherwise. Qxh5, Qxh5, Nf6+ wins
27. Rxf8+ Kxf8
28. Qf1+ Kg7
29. Bd3 Qf7
30. Qe2 c6
31. Kg2 b6
32. h4! Qe7
33. Nxh6!gxh4
34. Qg4+ resigns
7) I drew Sylvester Smarty in a marathon..... more like 10 moves... I more or less equalized in the opening and it seemed as neither of us typically felt like playing... Then we went on to to play blitz..

So Overall, not a great tournament, but it went decent... finished with an even score and lost 8 USCF rating pts... Although, I likely gained some fide:) I now plan on taking a few weeks of a break from tournaments to focus on starting off the semester well. I will play at the Bolyston a week or so before the Ameatur Team as a warm up.. Today I had my first class of the International Political Economy. Although admittedly I was rather exhausted as I got back to Brandeis rather late this night. more likely mid morning today, it seems as it will be an interesting class. It is taught by the same professor that I had for Intro To International Relations ( Professor Chase) and it seems as it will combine many of the lessons I learned in that class and Global Econ... Before I say bye for now, I shall share with you a funny picture I promised Polly ( castlingqueenside) I would put up on my blog :):

Polly did scare several people from joining the large elevator crowd with her crutches:)


  1. You can tell that kid in the background wants to get paired with Polly the next round. Then again when Raven got paired with me Sunday... I've never seen him so happy. Im EZer than EZ.

  2. He's too old to be one of the kids I played in the last 3 rounds. The ages of my last 3 opponents were 8,7 & 9. I didn't scare any of them. 2 draws and a loss.

  3. Todays kids don't scare easy. Fortunately I beat the only little kid I was paired with on Sunday.