Thursday, January 14, 2010

Philly Tomorrow, Clapton/Beck

I went to Madison Square Garden yesterday and bought tickets for Clapton and Beck in February! I spent more money than I should... but these guys won't be playing for much longer and I got great seats right outside of the floor.

So, Im headed off to Philly tomorrow morning for the Liberty Bell.. hopefully I can play well... Ive been looking at a decent amount of chess the last few days.. I played in the Commercial League last night as a warm up... won a quick game ad the Delfies are currently in 1st place! Lets keep it up :) Then Tuesday, Im back to Boston.. Its going to be a hard semester but I'm looking forward to it. These are the classes I'm taking:
1) Financial Accounting
2) Introduction to International Global Studies
3) International to Comparative Human Societies ( Anthropology)
4) Hebrew 20
5) Introduction to the International Political Economy
6) Volleyball ( non-credit) finishes pe requirement)

So after this semester, I will be one elective away from completing the business minor! I am planning on taking marketing. Both Intro to IGS and intro to CHS are requirements for the IGS major.. And hopefully I will take Hebrew 30 during the fall of my Jr year so when I go to Israel I can take an intense Ulpan at a higher level of Hebrew... Im still debating whether I want to study in Haifa or Tel Aviv... have to decide to soon as the Brandeis Application is due February 12... Any advice?

Thats its for now.. I will post again after the Liberty Bell if not before.

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