Saturday, February 6, 2010

Boylston Quads Today

Boylston Today
I won the top quad at the Boylston today. I won my first two games against Jacob Fauman and Neil Cousin and held Carey Theil to a draw in the last round (See games below). Also the two guys I went with won their quads! Eric Lawless won his quad 3-0! Michael Raphael tied for first with 2/3. That quad was truly amazing- 4 1800s and in the first two rounds, all games were drawn.. not something that usually happens other than in super GM tournaments..

In my first round game, I gained a considerable advantage albeit forgetting most of the theory in the line. However, I played the dubious move 16.h4 which gave black considerable counter counterplay. However as Fauman got into time pressure he ultimately walked into a mating net and ended up flagging.. However, just as I saw the MSA, I noticed he recently made expert- Congrats to him!

My second round game was a little more straight forward- my opponent wasn't particularly prepared on the Alekhine and I received an advantage early on which led to winning the exchange. Although my technique as far from perfect and the game and lasted way longer than it should have (63 moves), I never did lose the advantage.

Lastly again Theil, I was in the typical last round situation, where all you need is a draw to win the tournament.. a situation which can be mentally challenging as it is often tempting to play passively for a draw. Theil played a side line of the Alekhine,which is supposed to lead to an equal endgame, which did occur. He fought hard to win, even sacking a bishop for two pawns as you can see, but ultimately the draw was in hand either way.

So overall it was a pretty good tournament- I did get a little lucky in the first round, but thats life.. Im look forward to the USATE next week! I know there's going to be plenty of good teams as always, but I'll be going for my second USATE title!


  1. Evan,

    I heard Alan Kantor is going to the USATE and that you will be playing without the services of FM Critelli and NM Turtel. Doesn't this make it much harder to win your 2nd USATE title?

    Rumors are that you are joining forces with the Panic Button once again?

    Is there any truth to this?

  2. Alan is playing with the USCF team. It is true I won't have the superb forces of Critelli and Turtel; however, I have two new recruits- the great Plotkin wall on bd 3 and FM Catdog Macyntre on bd 1.. The Panic button may or may not be taking all board 4 customers to London via Ke2 airways:) (

  3. You're team sucks.

  4. anon... if your gonna make such a negative remark feel free but have to courage to identify yourself

  5. Face it,

    You guys might go 3-0 to start but that's about it. Too weak on boards 2 and 3. Board 1 will be weak too if you make it to round 4. Board 4 is so so.


  6. Thanks for the note. I recommended your blog here:
    Check it out, tomorrow.