Saturday, February 20, 2010

Clapton/Beck Concert!

Overall Review: Excellent but Could be Better

I certainly had high expectations for this show, considering I've seen both artists live within the last year and they both still sound great. Sure, Clapton's voice is not what it used to be, but it still sounds great. In fact for some of the blues songs, his heavier voice arguably even sounds better. For this reason, Clapton chose to play almost all blues songs. A few years ago he admitted in an interview his "slow-hand" is gradually withering away.

1. Beck's Set

Admittedly, I do not know nearly as much about Beck as Clapton... Even if you do no know his music well, his music is rather difficult to understand as his music is one of a kind. I can't think of an artist who has very similar music to his.. If you can think of one, please share:)

Beck started his set with "Eternity's Breath" followed by "Stratus"... Certainly not a bad start- two of his possibly greatest songs. He went on to play another 9 songs.. At times, I would be so focussed on his soloing and so amazed at his incredible band that I wouldn't even realize he would be on a new song.. If I had to criticize Beck, I would say his transitions between songs could be more smooth.

Of course, I could not wait for his AMAZING rendition of "A Day in the Life", which did win a grammy! I heard him play it last year at MGM Foxwoods but at the time admittedly did not appreciate it as much as I should have.. This time on the other hand, I was certainly hyped up!

2. Clapton's Set
First of all, I was amazed to see how Clapton let his hair grow! Just in June, it was short.

My one real criticism against Clapton's set is he didn't play some of his great songs. In his set in London last week, he played his acoustic version of "Layla", something I was certainly looking forward to. Possibly, however he thought he wasn't on his top form when he did and didn't want to play it again... Heres a video I found on youtube. The sound isn't great but its better than nothing:

I seen him play it with Derek Trucks in 2006 and I saw him play the electric version with Winwood last June. Personally, I think the acoustic version is better, although that is certainly debatable... Any opinions?

Eric does however certainly still does have the blues down pat.. Hey BB King is still touring at 84.. Lets see Eric do it as well!
He did great acoustic blues solos on his opener "drifitin" and " Running on Faith" among others.. In addition, he did a great electric solo in " Tell the Truth", although I don't think it lived up to his performance of the same song with Winwood a few months ago. Although, having an excellent piano player like Winwood certainly helped, not to criticize Clapton's keyboardist last night.

3. Beck and Clapton's Set/Encore

One thing that shocked me was the fact they did two Cream songs: "Outside Woman's blues" and "Crossroads". Other than the Cream Reunion in 05 I never heard Clapton play Cream songs live. It was interesting hearing Eric sing the vocals for each of these songs rather than Jack Bruce. Overall, it was a great set, the part of the concert I was really looking forward to as I pretty much heard most of the songs each of them did individually before live.

So overall, it was a fantastic show as always, with such great guitarists. Its amazing these guys are still touring: both at age 65. Both of them could have retired a long time ago but as they continue to go, it seems only right to keep supporting them as they go on tour. Next show coming up: ALLMAN BROTHERS at the UNITED PALACE THEATER: stay tuned.

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  1. Based on your call at 12am I made a highly confident diagnosis of your condition, which yielded me to believing that you had quite a good time there!