Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Excellent Videos: Tina Turner/Eric Clapton

For some random reason that I am not quite aware of, in the past two days the song "Proud Mary" often known as "Rolling on the river". As I searched for videos on youtube, I admittedly did not realize it was originally a Creedence Clearwater Revival Song as I always thought it was Turner's.

Turner does cover it extremely well though. Here a live cover of hers in 1971:

Surprisingly to me, I also enjoyed Beyonce's tribute to Tina Turner at the 2005 Kennedy Center Honors:

Lastly, I saw an incredible video of Turner and Clapton playing his 1986 song " Tearing us Apart" Along with Elton John, Phill Collins and Market Knopfler. One of the reasons Clapton is one of my favorite musicians of all time, is he is not only a tremendous blues and rock guitarists, but many of his songs are personal. I only know learned that this song was yet another song about Pattie Boyd as it is about her group of friends that suggested they break up.. I still find it fascinating that Clapton and Harrison remained good friends after Clapton married her.

Only 10 more days till Clapton and Beck! and only 3 days till Parsippany!

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