Saturday, February 13, 2010

First day of USATE!

We, Lordy Lordy I can't believe she's 40, won the first round 3.5-.5 after I gave Doyle my Metrocard to get one of my boss's new endgame book: Pandolfini's "Endgame workshop: principles for the practicle player".
We won the second match by the same margin against a 1900 team. However, now were in for a tough match against "Hort Locker", made up of Dylan Mclain, Bryan Hulse, Libardo Rueda and Alan Price. Last year, my "Working on a team" with Jeramiah Williams, Abby Marshall and James Critelli lost to them in round 4. Although last year Paul Macyntre was on their winning team and now he is our board 1 so it should be a very balanced and interesting match. Lets go: Lordy Lordy I can't believe she's 40!!!
Below is my first round game, and some pics:

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