Friday, February 26, 2010

Lots of Chess, Music and Other Fun Stuff

Ive been a bit of a hectic man this week... an IGS exam, a financial accounting exam and an anthropology paper). Of course, I played a whole lot of chess last week over break and did not get much work done. Heres a quick overview of last week's tournaments:

1) St John's Masters- Seemingly Outright Disaster
I arrived in NY late the night before from Parsippany but had the chance to sleep in. I felt like I had more energy and thought I should take advantage of playing in the Masters considering I was in NY. It turns out 8 out of the 17 players were crazy ones who just finished three days of chess in NJ....
In my first game, I blundered a pawn early on in his usual Nimzovitch Caro-Kann and never really got back in the game.. Not a great game but live goes on...
Then in Round 2, I played Miles Hinson, an expert I have a rather dismal score against...He obtained no advantage in the Alekhine but after some inaccuracies, I reached a worst position and actually offered a draw. A few moves later, he offered me one in an equal rook and pawn endgame. Of course I rejected trying to win, and ultimately lost a king and pawn end game that was still drawn... No good: 0-2 :(

Round 3: I played a usual nemeses Leif Pressman, whom I played a "mere" 77 times, even more than the 63 games I played against Bonin:). Heres the game that was actually a very complicated struggle. I sacked my queen for a two pieces and reached a slightly worse endgame but unfortunately did not manage to hold as we were in mutual time pressure. Here is the game:

So over all a rather dismal tournament.. I can't remember the last time I went 0-3 in a tournament and got a full point bye. So what does a crazy chess player as my self do: quit chess- no( as much as I thought I might for a few minutes), take a long break from chess- A sane chess player might, but not me :), Play three more events for the week: YES!

Thursday Night:

A. Bankers League: I played board 3 for the Delfies against the Transit Authority team. We had a rather strong line up with GM Yudasin on board 1, FM Salimbagat on 2, myself on 3, and expert and our team co-captain Dwayne Clark. Yudasin quickly beat an a-player- one point in the bag. I played another A-player who to be honest surprisingly played better than I expected. I had a decent attacking position out of a French Tarrasch and he defended rather well and the game eventually ended in a draw after he was actually slightly better.. Fortunately, both Clark and Salimbagat won so we won the match 3.5-.5. Thanks to the team, we are kept our #1 spot in the Bankers League standings:)

B. 10 Grand Prix Points Tonight!: I did my normal two-bye stunt after finishing my game in the Bankers League. Fortunately, it worked it out well, beating an 1800 Stuart Chagrin who drew me a few weeks ago and beating Moshe Uminer, who I have a slightly worse record against as I used to play him alot when I was substantially lower rated. 57 bucks went in the wallet:)

Excellent Tournament: NY February Action

So the night before, I was out at the Clapton/Beck Concert ( see previous post) and I was rather exhausted after the show ... Again my addiction got the better of me... I was not going to not play but when I woke up at 11:30 I decided I would take a bye in the first round and play.. I figured I was leaving to Boston the next day and it couldn't hurt to play another tournament... End Result: Awsome

In the first round, I beat a B-player rather easily out of the Alekhine. Then I played one of the better games I played in a while against IM Bonin. In 2009, I had a rather dismal .5/9 against Bonin and I haven't beaten him since the first time I did back in March, 2008 so I feel like I was bound to finally beat him! Luckily things worked my way:) I can finally ay I was truely"Bad the the Bone". :

Here's the game:

After this previous game, I drew FM Asa Hofmann in a sideline of the Alekhine and beat Jake Miller in the last round with the London System, avoiding a lot of the sharp theory that he does know, as he beat me in the Marshall Championship. Not a bad day in the office: gained 32 rating points putting me just 2 pts away from my peak ( 2186) and 16 points under master. Hopefully, this time I can make the push. I am considering playing in Sturbridge next week but as of now unsure. We shall see.

One last chess thing: I read the first two chapters of Zenon Franco's new book Counter Attack. So far, I think it is a great book. The first chapter deals with Lasker's exceptional defensive abilities regarding suuch important concepts as admitting one's own mistakes. The second chapter deals with refuting premature attacks, in which he will use supplementary games with attacks that do work with similar looking attacks that failed and compare them to see why they were successful or not. I just started reading the third chapter which deals by "blows by blow". I'll do more of a view oas I read more of the book.

Some Great Music
First of all id like to share a video my dad sent me of some excellent footage of a Crosby, Stills and Nash and Young jam session of "Down by the River" back in 1969:

Man, I wish I could of seen CSN back in the day.. Their voices are still great but not what they once were. Also I still have to see Young live at one point. Stills and Young have an excellent solo face-off in this jam.

As I was searching for youtube videos regarding Clapton and Beck. I came across a a concert just last week he did with Yoko Ono and her/John's son Sean Lennon that I had no idea about it. There wasn't any really great footage available but heres the best I saw:

Thats all for now... Im looking forward to celebrating Purim at Brandeis this weekend.

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