Monday, February 1, 2010

Tiny bit of Chess and school/ Grammys/ Other Concerts

So, before i go on to talk about music, Ill rant a bit about chess and coaching at the cities this past weekend. I went to New York just for the weekend to be one of the Browning coaches. After attending Hebrew class and volleyball on Friday, I ventured out in the cold to the Commuter rail into Boston to catch a 3:00 PM bus. Unfortunately, the 2:08 commuter rail was 40(!) minutes late, ie. there was no way I would make the bus. I know the CR runs late all the time but not 40 minutes... I accounted it might come 10 minutes late so I would get to Porter square around 2:30 to get to South Station at 2:50 but to no avail:(. As many of you should know by now, I do not get along very well with the Boston transit system. Anyhow, fortunately enough I did not have to pay extra on the 4:00 bus.

So, I got into New York pretty late at around 9:15 and did some work and went to sleep as I had to wake up nice and early to get to the New Yorker at 8, a process that did happen to repeat itself the next day. Overall, I enjoyed working there; as it is enjoyable working with the kids and Browning as whole did rather well. However, it was somewhat of a rough commute and I am exhausted now, as I almost fell asleep twice in Anthropology and Introduction to International Global Studies today; however, not to worry, I shall sleep late tomorrow as I have no classes then:). I dropped the International Political Economy course as I still have a heavy course load this semester. In addition, I did not particularly like the fact that the whole grade or at least 85 percent of it's grade was based on one essay and one final. What do you think of a course having so few assessments? anyways enough of school and chess talk..... A lot of music to catch up on!

A few days after the USATE(only two weeks away!) is Clapton/Beck! My friend Jon and I lodge seats right as closest to the floor as you can get:) Here's some pics of Clapton/ Winwood and their supporting band the last time I saw Clapton in June at the Izod Center in the Meadowlands:

As I was searching my pics of this concert, I came across a few from other concerts that I thought id share:

1) Allman Brothers at Mountain Jam!

Of course I was happy to see Greg Allman, one of the best song-writers and rock/blues musicians of all time wearing a Yankees hat:)

2) Soulfarm at Southpaw: one of my favorite Isreali rock bands... Ok admittedly they began in New York but their music is heavily Isreali influenced

I did not get a chance to watch the Grammys as I was on the bus going back to Boston; although I am happy to realize that I was fortunate to see several of the winners live this year. I heard the winner of Best Traditional Folk Album, Loudon Wainright with "High Wide & Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project", as he started for Hot Tuna in December. He did sign my copy of his 2008 album,"Recovery", but unfortunately he was sold out of his new album.. would of been pretty cool to have a signed Grammy winning cd... o well :(..

Another shoutout goes to one of best up-and coming blues guitarists Derek Trucks for winning best contemporary blues album with his new album "Already Free" I saw him several times now, with the Allman brothers a few times, with his own band at Mountain Jam, and with Clapton back in 06.. hes a great soloist who is also a fantastic slide guitar player.. If you haven't listened to him, be sure to check him out!

I also can't forget to congratulate ACDC for winning best Hard rock Performance ( War machine) .. I was there at Giants Stadium- was pretty amazing with Angus's typical walks and screaming; however, I honestly don't know if should win a Grammy. but great for them! Angus deserves it for still going on tour! However, I definitely think Paul Mcartney deserved a Grammy for Best Rock Performance for his opening at Citifield rather than Kings of Leon. Mcartney wasn't even nominated.

Last but not least,Jeff Beck won Best Instrumental Performance for his absolutely fantastic rendition of "A day in the Life". I saw him play at the MGM Foxwoods last year and I absolutely agree with the Grammy's on that one too. Check it out: ( That was the ny show) He plays with the also amazing 18 year old bassist/ protege Tal Wilkenfeld from Australia. Admittedly not until after that show did I realize I also so her play two years earlier with the Allman Brothers at the Beacon, which does lead me to a sad point that the Allman Brothers have been booted by Circus Solei which after playing month long runs there every year since 1989. However, I will go seem them in March at the United Palace Theater up in Washington Heights.. Ive never been there before.. Expect a post in the future about that:)

One last thing: check out Many bands recorded for a 41 song cd that costs $10 with all money going to AmericaCares for Haiti.. I ordered a copy for myself today. Its great music and more importantly as you all know a great cause.

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