Tuesday, February 16, 2010

USATE Wrap-Up with Photos!

Final Round: Surprising Domination

A second opponent played the modern against me. To a certain degree I was excited as I fortunately looked up the theory after my second round game, but at the same time it meant I wasn't going to get to use one of the many other white openings I prepared for before the tournament (not to be disclosed!). This game was a little bit of a roller-coaster. I had a substantial advantage out of the opening, blundered a pawn and then forcing him to sack heavy material to avoid checkmate:

Plotkin found a nice tactic, which I completely missed as i was looking at it. By sacking a bishop he forced Zhurbinsky to give him substantial material

It wasn't a surprise that the "Panic Button" on board 4 took another customer first class to London with a nice knight sac on f7.. thats the to Bd 4 6-0 board prize for him!

Top 5 Winners:

Now, we had confirmed the match point 3-0 but knew if we wanted any chance to squeeze in the top 5 we would need excellent tiebreaks. Before this round, we had one 3 games with 3.5-.5 margins and one with 3-1, so we knew we had good tiebreaks so far. Therefore, Paul would not settle for piece as he gradually took home the full point in an instructive bishop vs knight endgame. A sweep isn't a bad way to end the tournament!

Finally, we waited until the standings were out as we knew we had a decent chance to get either 4th or 5th on tie breaks. Congrats to the winners!: The Cambridge Springers; William Kelleher, Joe Fang, Leonard Morrissey, and Anatoly Levin ( first one tiebreaks), Hunter High School: Michael Thaler, Alec Getz, Aaron Landesman, Jonathan Williams ( 2nd) and Our Weiner is Looking for Mate ( Robert Hess, Andrew Ryba, Zachary Weiner, Richard River (3rd). Unfortunately, we just missed out on a prize by a mere 4 tiebreak points! but congrats to the top 2 5-1 teams: Rochester Chess Center#1 and Inglorious Patzers.. One thing I am certainly proud of is 4/5 of the top 5 teams were NYERS!!!!! Another thing to take note- only one of these teams had a GM- Unless you are GGGg, Stacked line ups are not the answer to win USATE!

Over dinner last evening, Paul, Nick and I briefly mentioned the chance of us using the same team next year and it wasn't until then that i realized I will have to miss my first USATE since my first in 2003, assuming I get accepted to study in Tel Aviv! For all of you that just play in the USATE every year and no other tournaments see you in February, 2012! Anyways: here some pics:

For more pictures, see http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2034984&id=1381380278.


  1. How do you get this chess flash thingy to work?

  2. just go to http://chessflash.com/chessflash.html and either type in the moves or copy and paste the pgn. Then you can copy and paste the URL on to your blog post.