Friday, March 12, 2010

Chess Struggles in the Amish Land

Ups and Downs in Sturbridge:

I have played in Sturbridge a number of times now with mixed results. In general, I usually play ok there but have one or two crucial games where I blunder badly. I was hoping this would not be the case, and I would win the u2200 section and make master; however, such a task was not to be...

Round 1: Although we played in many u2200 sections with one another in the past, this was the first time I was paired with Elmore.

Overall, it was disappointing, as I was certainly winning at one point, but I was happy I kept my cool and was he equalized, I didn't get discouraged and let him win.

My next interesting game of the event was my win against Phillip Nutzman in round 3.

The last day of the event was a disaster. Coming into it, I had 2.5/3 and knew I was going to pay Alex Fikiet, the only 3-0 in the tournament, who I drew the two times we played before. I had a considerable advantage in the opening but ending up allowing too much counter-play and lost rather miserably, I was annoyed not only because I lost the game among its consequences but because I felt he was somewhat obnoxious during the game. Whether it was my turn or his, he would stand right directly behind his seat, starting right at hte board. I told him multiple times ( and have told plenty others in the past and have seen other say this), to either stand someplace elsewhere or sitdown. Sure, It is hard for me to sit at the board so I don't expect anyone to sit at the board time the whole time as I don't myself; however, it is rather distracting to see your opponent standing up looking over you. After he insisted on standing there, I went to the TD and he said he was ok with people standing there. OTher TDS in the past have told opponents to not stand at the board. What do you all think? I'm not trying to make an excuse for the loss; he did beat me legitimately but It was rather annoying; that is all.

In the last round, when I saw I was paired against Mikhail Sher, I was shocked;, I was almost certain I was going to be paired down. To make a longer story short, it was another outright disaster.. I was up the exchange for nothing, blundered it back, still had a pretty good position, and blundered again to be losing... Here's the game:

Stay tuned for a review of a controversial lecture Nonnie Darwish gave at Tufts last night coming to a blog near you shortly.

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  1. The standing thing can be kind of annoying, but if the opponent is standing on his side of the board there isn't a whole lot you can do about it. You have to hope one of the players sitting next to him complains about him encroaching on their space.

    I have sometimes resorted to standing up when my opponent is standing up. Often that gets them to sit down. If I'm being distracted my opponent standing or doing something else that's somewhat ditracting I use my hands up on my forehead to block him from my site. Baseball caps are also useful for that.

    One year at the USATE I was having terrible back pains and stood up to try to relieve some of the pain. My opponent asked me to sit down. I left the room, and had one of my friends give me a quick back massage. I went back in and played the rwst of game. I don't remember if I won or lost. I probably lost since I was in a bit of pain the entire game.