Sunday, March 21, 2010

Events in Israel/ Good Stuff

So, its been over a week since I did my last post. Academic life of midterms have been more or less taking over my life, thus this post will also be short but I wanted to show the world my blog is still alive:)

1) Current Events in israel: Theres been a lot of controversy over the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's insistance on building 1600 apartments on Arab disputed land in East Jerusalem. He is traveling to the US next week.. Lets we what will happen. Does anyone have have any opinions? Check out an article at

2) Shmullys New awsome website: My friend Shmuelly(Sam)'s music career is taking off. Check out some awesome footage on his new website: In case your too lazy/dont have time to do that, here's one of his videos:

3) Spring Break Next week: My three week chess hiatus is coming to a close... I will be playing in the NY March Open net week at the Marshall.. Then after the beginning of Passover, I am most likely going to Montreal. If anyone has advice regarding places to go or anything else please share. Thats it for now..

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