Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Israel/ Short Preview of Sturbridge Post

!!לשנה הבא בתל אביב
: Next year I will be in Tel Aviv! As of today, I am officially approved by Brandeis to study in Tel Aviv! Now I just need to apply to Tel Aviv U.

I have my anthropology midterm on Thursday so I don't have much time to write on a long post with analysis from my games from last weekend. However, I ultimately did not achieve my main goal of becoming master.. Some physcological weaknesses likely affected me. Notice, I used the word weakeness, rather than excuse. I started out well with 2.5/3 and collapsed the last day losing the last two games... not the best of end of the weekend. However, looking back I did learn a few things. Stay posted for a thorough analysis of some of the key games.

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