Monday, April 19, 2010

Bradley Open: First u22[05] section as a master!

This post is a preview: more to come tomorrow or Wednesday but Matan was very quick in putting a link on so I had to do something for now:) If you haven't yet check out his article with some nice games of Esserman:

This was my third playing in Bradley; the first two were pretty much disasters. The first time was the Bradley Open in 2006 when as one of the top seats I scored 1.5/4 against all A players before drawing. My second appearance at Bradley was not much better: In 2008,when I played in the Open, being just over 2100. What did I do after the two hour drive to Hartford?: Hang a rook in two moves against a 1600, ie, not a great start:( In that tournament I actually started to play well afterwards and ended up losing a money round in the last round against Dan Lowinger to finish with 2.5. Anyhow, enough ranting about my previous struggles in Bradley. During that time, I told my then roomate Nolan,who actually had a rather good tournament winning clear first in the u2000 section, that I would never come back to this location as despite a nice host site, there isn't much around the area.

However, as many of you know, I am an addict. As I recently made master, I knew it was one of may last u2200 sections, at least hopefully, so I couldn't help going to give it a chance.Fortunately, In the long run, I did manage to change my Bradley feat and tie for first with Derek Meredith. Congrats to him too! Here is my game against my co-Hartford u2205 champion in Round 3: More games will be in my next post.

After that, in round four I beat Patrick Chi rather quickly while Derek drew Plotkin. Then I drew Plotkin a a great 5 move struggle, while Derek outplayed Dale Sharp after 6 hours to tie with me. Come back soon for some more games/ anecdotes from the tournament.

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