Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eric Clapton's Autobiography Review

Before I get into to discussing the trip, I want to discuss Clapton's autobiography (2007) that I have been reading while Ive been travelling:

Later on, I will write more about the book, but for now just want to share with you why it such a great book.:

1) Great Anecdotes:
Whether you are a Clapton fan or not, you will learn a lot of interesting stories about his interactions with a number of other bands such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. One particularly interesting albeit insignificant story I appreciated was when he first met the Beatles backstage of the Odeon theater in 1964: "Paul[Mcartney] played the ambassador... I remembered him playing us the tune of "Yesterday", which was half writtten and, asking everyone what they thought. He didn't have the words yet. He was calling it "scrambled eggs", and singing " Scrambled eggs, Everbody calls me scrambled eggs"(Clapton, 51). This statement is typical of Paul's humor.. will take a random subject such as scrambled eggs and make humor our out of it. Kudos to Sir Paul!:

2)Personal Experiences-Nothing to Hide:
It is truly amazing to me how much of his personal experiences Clapton shares when it comes to his development as a musician along with other aspects of his life such his sex life and drugs. For examples his discusses his love for Pattie( George Harrison's wife at the time): "One night I called up Patttie and told her "the truth", that it was not Paula(Pattie's sister) I was interested in, or any other gil she might seee with me, but that she was the one I reallly wanted. in spite of her proests that she was married to George and that what I was suggesting was imposssible, she agrreded to my coming over to talk to her. I drove over there, ad we talked about it over a bottle or red wine and eneded up kissing, and I sensed for the first time that there was some kind of hope for me"(Clapton 123). I always knew about the love triangle between Clapton, Harrison and Pattie, but the way he describes it in the book is truly touching.

One husband to the next:

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