Monday, May 17, 2010

Fairfield Masters(U2200), The Meetles

I am currently at JFK waiting to board my flight to Tokyo followed by the rest of the way to Singapore. Expect some posts about my travels in the next three weeks. Until then, here's a game from the Fairfield Masters and an introduction to a great Beatles tribute band.

Fairfield Masters/U2200
Last weekend, I played in my (hopefully last) u2200 event, the Fairfield Masters U-2200 section and tied for first with Ian Harris and Tony Blum. We eached picked up $233. In the Open, GM Ibragimov,IM Hungaski and unofficial GM Pressman tied for first, winning $333 each.

Admittedly, I did not have that tough of a playing schedule, I beat three players over 300 points lower rated than me and drew Michael Finneran in round 2: Here is that struggle, which admittedly I should likely have lost:

With that in mind, it is quite impressive that Finneran is almost u-2100 having only played 40 rated events. To the contrary, I played about 40 events within the last year.

The Meetles

As I was taking the subway home last night, I ran into the end of a great performance by the NY Beatles tribute band "The Meetles". I never actually heard of them before, but they were quite impressive. Check out their website for some upcoming free shows off theirs. Here are a few pictures I took of them last night. Forgive the quality as they were from my cell phone.

The Band:

An awesome older aged couple dancing with some Columbia graduates in the background:

Before getting on the train, strangers singing "Amazing Grace" in Washington Square Park:

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