Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hello from Kuala Lumpur!

I have to lots to say, but will keep it short for now as I am about to attend the second day of the World Islamic Economic Forum. I left New York Monday at noon and arrived in Tokyo 14 hours later at around 3pm Tokyo time. The flight wasn't miserable, but I am not used to such long flights. My only big complaint however, wasn't there wasn't much for me to eat: Dinner was pork curry and Lunch the next day was a chicken and cheese burrito. Considering, I recently stopped mixing meat and dairy, this was unfortunate.

I then arrived In Tokyo and ordered a steak, which looked amazing and I was extremely looking forward to devouring it:
However, IT did not taste very good and I had to run on the flight... Maybe there was going to be much better food on the Singapore: No Luck there either: They had chicken that was mediocre.. However, when I got there and met my dad we went to a nice restaurant by the hotel where I ate noodles and chicken.

The Next day, we went to the first day of the WIEF, a global economic forum of all the Islamic countries. We have media passes. I will discuss the forum a lot more in my next post, but here is a few pictures for now:

An example of glocalization(putting what I learned in anthropology to use) : A potatoe puff- Starbucks catering to Singaporean consumers

Dad and I in KL, in front of WIEF poster:

Petronas Twin Towers

Faraz Yousufazai: A great songwriter/guitarist from London: Performed at the Creative Arts Festival segment of the WIEF

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