Sunday, June 13, 2010

Arrival in Cincinnati

I admit I'm a liar:( no posts on Singapore or Siem Reap.. Lots have been going on: for one getting adjusted back to the US time frame. I played two tournaments this last week. I scored 3/4 on Thursday after being upset in the second round to Nikita Panasenko by hanging a queen in one move in an unclear position- the game with analysis will come soon.On Saturday, I did decent: drew scored 1.5/3- beat an 1800, drew Bonin and lost to Margulis: more details to come soon.. Lots of blunders this week- I have to get back into shape.

A few bits of good news though:

1) Arrived safe in Cincinnati and ate some Skyline Chili: somewhat negative as I messed up in regards to meat and dairy, but it was delicious. No more meat and dairy for me though:In the last few months Ive been doing relatively o.k but I do slip here and there.

2) Ringo Starr here I come:

I mentioned I hoped I'd get to see him a few months ago. Fortunately, I will be off July 2-9 and will be seeing him at Radio City Hall on the 7th! At least, Ill get to say Ive seen half of the Beatles live. RIP John and George.

Camp starts tomorrow and I am exhausted. Final Asia post and more in Cincinnati coming soon...

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