Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chess in the Lehigh Valley and Jealousy over Taylor/King

I am one crazy chess player... What would a normal person do after being stranded in transit for over 12 hours and not catching sleep?- mostly likely get some rest... NOT ME

Instead,I take the hotel shuttle to the Lehigh Valley chess club. I ended up getting there just in time for round 3 and the director Bruce Davis invited me to enter the tournament with two byes. Of course, I entered as I was already there. In the third round(my first) I ended up almost falling a sleep and blowing away an easily winning position against Kevin Santo although he did put up good resistance after having a troublesome position from early on in the opening.

After the round,Davis told me I was in contention to tie for first as there was only one 3 and no 2.5s. Things were in my destiny as I was about to play the 3 (Karl Dehmelt), but unfortunately, I could only manage to draw the game:

The last game I played in this variation against Carey Theil I also drew ( However that was another last round situation where a draw meant first place for me. Such is life. It reminds me of song "Leela" by the Israeli-American band Soulfarm:"Leela Leela, this world is but a game.Winners lose and losers win,and the game is still the same". I played the same level of a boring draw against two players of similar caliber;yet my game against Theil felt like a win and this game felt like a loss, yet in reality I played about the same strength in both games and scored the same result...

At any rate, I'm glad I made the right decision to not go crazy playing for a win and possibly end up losing. Also I looked up Dehmelt afterward and learned he is coming back into chess after a 20 year or so hiatus. Before that he was a rather strong player with 3 IM norms, but a too low rating. Its good to see a strong player getting back into shape; maybe he'll get back in form and achieve the IM title:) While looking him up, I came across an interesting top 50 list of US juniors in 1977 on IM Mark Ginsburg's blog: On this list Dehmelt was #16. I played 4 out of the top 10: Rohde(#2),DeFirmian (#4),Fedorowicz(#7), and Christopher Chase(#9).

Here a few photos I took walking around Allentown:

In other news, I am extremely jealous as I don't think ill be able to catch a show of the Taylor/King tour. My mom and a few friends said great things about it and I just watched a few amazing Youtube videos from it such as the following rendition of Taylor's hit "You've got a friend"

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