Saturday, June 19, 2010

The land of Cincinnati and Disasters getting to Pottstown

One week down! I'm exhausted but it was a good first week camp.Other than teaching, Cincinnati is a nice city. We didn't spend much time around the city as by night time each day we were rather tired. Waking up at 3 am the Sunday I left for a 6:05 am did not help.

Alanna and I flew into Dayton and were surprised to see a "Boston" restaurant right after we get off the plane:

Of course we had to get in our Israeli fix (yes, we did finally convince our director Bill to go to Kinneret, a great kosher Israeli restaurant in Cincinnati). Before that however, we found a rather disgusting hummus at the grocery store. I failed to read the flavor, which was tomato and shitake mushrooms, which doesn't sound particularly appetizing to begin with(at least to me):

How could I resist taking a picture of Evan's Autocare?:(Evan Power does exist in Cincinnati)

Not surprisingly, the chess bug hit me in Cincinnati as well, and I made sure we went to the Cincinnati Grandin House Chess Club. Here's us, with a nice fellow George Elgin, and another Bill, who didn't particularly look highly of Brandeis as he went to the "more prestigious" MIT several decades ago.:

Notice, I am wearing a Michigan hat: Throughout the trip, I must have seen about 5 Michigan fans: There may be few looming around the land of Ohio, but there a few:)I saw one of them at the Cincinnati Reds game we went to, when they got absolutely destroyed by the Dodgers 0-12. We only stayed for half of the game as there ended up be a long rain delay which ended up being 2.5 hours, but it was fun to root for the away team:)

That's mostly it for Cincinnati.. I am now continuing my travels to Pottstown,PA, but it has been a rough ride so far. We drove to the airport yesterday at around 6 as all of our flights were within a half hour of one another. Of course it was not that convenient though:( I checked in at United and they said both of my flights were to be delayed and I would get in Allentown at 3 am. Although, this would have been annoying, it would not have been the end of the world.

Things got worse though... The flight ended up not leaving the gate for another hour. I feel asleep when it finally boarded and woke up about an hour later around 11:30. I saw we we were in an airport and assumed we got to Chicago... Then I saw the guy sitting next to me seem to be kind of annoyed. Sure enough, there were heavy thunderstorms in Chicago and we were still in Cincinnati at another gate. The pilot announced that he would be able to leave to Chicago in about a half hour but it would be a 3 hour flight as he would have to make a detour in Nebraska. I ended up in Chicago at 4 am and waited online at United until 5. Then the guy told me all flights to Allentown were cancelled- just great:( Finally, he told me to get on a 6 am flight to Washington to connect to Allentown. Here, I am writing this post at Dulles Airport after staying up all night in transit. I am about to board( at least hopefully!) to Allentown. Be posted for a final Asia post ( that Ive yet to do) and one on Pottstown/Allentown:)

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