Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More adventures in Cambodia: Battambang

I have lots to catch up on,but this post will be on Battambang,Cambodia. Posts on Siem reap and Singapore will come soon. Check back in the next few days. Also look out for an article I wrote for CLO on my Chess experience Vietnam, coming to uschess.org within the next few days.

Battambang is an underrated small city in Cambodia with a nice river front,nice places to see in the countryside with plenty of Buddhas, bats to see at night time etc.. Here it is on a map: about 5 hours of a drive from Phnom Penh and 2-3 hours from Siem Reap:

The bus ride to Battambang from Phnom Penh was not very fun.. The bus company said it would be about 4-5 hours and it ended up being around 6. One hour is not so bad, but no what there was little personal space. Be warned:on buses around Southeast Asia, atleast from what I seen, bus companies tend to underestimate their travel times by at least one hour. Much of the delays were due to people chasing the bus, trying to get on, as seen in the following picture:

Here's one of the smelliest fruits around that are actually banned from most hotels:

:Be aware of the Durian!

Monastery:Orange everywhere- even orange towels!

Thousands of Bats flying just after 6 PM:

When we arrived by this mountain via our tuktuk, a motodriver tried to convince us to take his moto up the mountain to see the bats with a birds-eye view. It would have been nice but it seemed kind of risky. Eventually, we just waited about a half hour to see them fly out of the whole pictured.

No Bamboo Train,No!
: Another popular thing to do in Battambang is the bamboo train, which is a man-made train out of bamboo. For some reason, a guy began screaming "no bamboo train,no!" Our tuktuk driver drove us to another part of the track and we got on. The same guy who screamed followed us on his moto and again screamed at us but we continued to go anyways and it turned out to be a fun time: Im not sure what his problem was.

Lastly for Battambang,here is your loyal blogger pulling a pretty cool looking fence around the corner from the hotel:

Overall, Battambang was a pleasant experience. Admittedly, there was not that much to do and it shuts down at night, which is why I wouldn't want to spend much more time there but it was a quite, pleasant town without a lot of tourists. In this regard, there weren't nearly as many harrasing street vendors and beggers.

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