Monday, June 7, 2010

Post in Transit: At Tokyo Intl Narita Airport

Wow.. This three week adventure is coming to an end.. I am looking forward to a week of reality/overcoming jetlag in NY. Then early Sunday morning, I am flying to my first chess camp of the summer in Cincinnati. I am starting to feel like a jetsetter: during this trip alone, including my last leg to NY I am about to take, I took 8! flights. Siem Reap and Singapore pictures I will post this week.

Here's a quick rant about the flight from Singapore to Tokyo:

Pros: - watched The Bucket List for a second time.. I watched it when it was in theaters a few years ago and forgot it was a pretty good movie. Its story line is kind of lame: basically Morgan Freeman' and Jack Nicholson's characters go on wild adventures instead of sitting in the hopsital while awaiting death. However, they are two great actors: Its certainly a worthwhile film to watch.

-Watched first few minutes of Intolerable Cruelty
It seems to be a pretty bad movie, but it starts out with a plus, the main character driving to Paul Simon's tune "The Boxer". With that in mind, congrats to Paul Simon as a member of Brandeis's class of 2010 with an honorary degree! .. Here is him playing none other than "The Boxer" at the Brandeis graduation:

Nuetral: -Breakfast: I can't complain... It did have shrimp and noodles which I obviously wouldn't eat but better than the flight from NY to Tokyo I complained about a few weeks ago coming here, there was some nice fruit , yogurt and a croissant on the side. Ill report very soon how the food is on this flight from Tokyo to New York:)

Pro/Con: Berlitz Language program in flight:
Con- had about 15 languages on it: No Hebrew
Pro: did practice my spanish a bit as I regrettably haven't used it the slightest bit since I want to Puerto Rico slightly over a year ago.

Thats all for now... I am about to board the flight to NY. I shall blog more about Asia as promised next week and about Cincinnati after on..

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