Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Concert #1: Further rocks out Cyclone Stadium!

One of the main problems I always have to face when going to concerts is finding people to go with.Most people my own age have barely heard of the Grateful Dead.Some friends that do either don't want to see them because they are too old or don't have enough money. There are problems with disliking my own generation of music:(

At any rate, I greatly enjoyed going to the concert with Jerry Graham (no,not Garcia: RIP Jerry), and his cousins who we ran into:

I particularly enjoyed their renditions of "St.Stephen" and "The Eleven" among others. I am certainly a fan of the Grateful Dead but I am far from an expert on all of their songs. Luckily, on the other side of me stood Jerry's cousin who helped me decipher the plenty of songs I did not know.

John Kadlecik is a great guitarist,who also played with the GD tribue band the Dark Star Orchestra and did a great job, but he is no full-on replacement for Garcia. However, I am sure Jerry would admire Lesh and Weir for still touring without him.Here are a few more pics from the show:

I am in Maryland now until Friday. Next concert on the list: Ringo Starr at Radio City Hall on July 7th(2 days after I turn 20)!

Two more things:
1) If you haven't seen it yet, my article "Chess Adventures in Vietnam" is on
2) I have to point out that last week in Pottstown, I corrected someone about 30-40 years older than me that "All Along the Watchtower" is a Dylan rather than Hendrix song.

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