Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In and around NY/ Lackluster Result in White Plains

And so it goes- I failed to keep my promise to myself that I wouldn't play until I analyzed all my games from two Thursdays ago. When I realized I had three local camps in a row, I told my self I would take advantage and play a few tournaments- but no cigar. I am finally realizing why so many chess teachers don't play chess in the year- I'm hanging pieces left and right! Here's my utterly disgustingly embarrassing blunder against IM Sarkar last night:

I finished with a win against another nemesis of mine, although we only played a few times and evened up my lifetime score against Alex Eydelman.- Overall, it was a lackluster performance of 1/3 and a 2114 performance rating, but it will do... Im now 2192 and still just under the radar of master again.

Here's a few photos I took from my phone around NY the last few weeks. I'm having issues with my camera: more concert reviews to come up when its fixed.... Btw any advice from my readers on a type of new camera I should get?
Two funky street performers at the Columbus Circle Subway Station

A cool new sculpture next to the MET I saw walking through the park yesteray

A Killer Jazz jam band and one of my favorite spots in NY: the Fat Cat

A relatively new extremely cheap and good pizza place on 8th street and 6th ave

The slices are a bit small but with two slices and soda for $2.75, you can't complain especially considering NY prices these days! For breakfast this morning I got a bagel and and ice coffee thinking it might be a bit expensive as it was on 88th and Lex, a good location: I didn't think it would be $6.75 though!- That was just outrageous.

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