Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ringo rocks out on his 70th birthday! Part 1

Ringo's show on Wednesday was nothing short of incredible. I can't explain fully how so many friends did not want to see him because he wasn't the "best Beatle".I would not argue with this statement, but that is a relative one. Ringo may have wrote only a few songs for the Beatles, the ones he did and/or covered such as "Act Naturally" were some of the Beatle's biggest hits. Not only that, he did the perfect job at holding a steady beat, which is all the Beatles needed in the long run.

Perhaps,because Ringo knows he was sort of a "sideman" of the Beatles he is very modest on stage at times. He does make a lot of arrogant jokes very deservingly so. For example, when he pointed to a sign that said "Happy Birthday Ringo", he said "That's nice, but where is my gift?". He is different from Mccartney (oops I mean Sr. Paul) who at least at Citifield last year dominates the show. On the other hand, Ringo takes full advantage of the enormous talent his Allstar bandmates have.

I regret not knowing Rick Derringer's music well sooner. I have heard of his song "Hang on Sloopy" which he played phenomenally, but never knew how good of a guitar player he was. He evened pulled out some Steve Vai style shredding at the end of "Rock and roll Hoochie Koo".

In addition, I learned about the great voice of Wally Palmer, of the Romantics who performed excellent renditions of "Talking in Her Sleep" and "What I Like About You". Not only that,he had my favorite kind of guitar, a Rickenbacker. On the off chance that any of my readers are feeling generous and want to buy me an extra birthday gift, you know what to get:)

Before I get on to my favorite parts of the show, I need to share my one objective not so great part of the show: the songs Richard Page played. He is a great bass player but I wasn't too big on the 80s songs he played: "Kyrie" and "Broken Wings".

The Dark Horse who almost stole the show:The Mighty Edgar Winter

This multi-instrumentalist is just extraordinary- no questions asked. I've listened to plenty of his music before, but seeing him lie is something else. He played "Freeride", right after Derringer's "Hang on Sloopy",so the bar was raised pretty high. He certainly met his task. He raised the bar much higher however when he playeed possibly his biggest hit "Frankenstein".

A close contender to Winter however was Gary Wright with his one major hit "Dreamweaver". I always knew this song but never actually knew who sung it. I thought it was interesting how he explained it was influenced by a poem George Harrison showed him while traveling in India. RIP GEORGE.

Part 2 coming soon!

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