Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Short Birthday Excursion to Philadelphia/King of Prussia

It took me a long time to decide whether or not to play the World Open. I wanted to play a nice long tournament but because of work last week, I would of had to play the 3 day schedule.Considering the fact that I was exhausted working three weeks in a row and the steep $350 entry fee, I decided not to play.Instead,Sunday I ventured out to King of Prussia to play in the two quick tournaments and spend my 20th birthday.

I got to Philly pretty easily via Megabus,which is a great means of transit: It was $12 and it has free wifi and outlets unlike the more expensive Greyhound. I then met up with a friend from Brandeis and I wanted to go to a great Kosher Israeli restaurant Hamifgash.We walked over there and it was closed: I tried going there twice before this time and one of those they were closed as well, so I would try calling them first to see they if they are open. If they are though, you certainly won't regret going there.

Instead,we had a great lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant in Philly, the Imperial Inn:
Not surprisingly on July 4th, there was a big patriotic gathering by the Liberty Bell, in which many people protested against Obama's call to bring home the troops in July of 2011 as they wanted them to come home sooner. I am going to refrain from the politics on the blog, but here are some photos I snapped there:

My birthday in King of Prussia was fun, but I played rather miserable in the g/5 and g/10 tournaments. In the g/10 I hung pieces left and right and withdrew after going 0-3 against one a player and two experts. The g/5 was a little better as I went 5-5, but wasn't great. That's life though- I can't expect to play with out so many blunders after teaching kids three weeks in a row. I am going to try to do some tactics training before my next event to try and not blunder so much.

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