Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My first crack at USCL Predictions

After a topsy-turvy affair last week which ended in Boston's favor, I am sitting on the sidelines this week. Here I go with my 1st set of published predictions:

Our local "enemies" the New New England Nor-easters vs the St Louis Archbishops-Naka-Shulman

With St Louis's weaker line up this week ( only 2228) I can't imagine NE having a tough time winning this match.... My fellow Brandeis student Shankland shall at least draw Finegold with the white pieces. The battle of IMs Vigorito and Brooks, two experienced previous US champ players should lead to a draw. Chase and Theil will win against their 200+ lower rated players...

All in all 3-1 New England.

My newly beloved Boston Blitz vs Shankland's old team the Mechanics

Experienced several time US Champ winner vs relatively new GM.... Expect a sharp attack by Larry 1-0

Catdog Esserman fights Zilberstein as Black- Less crazy attacks here with the black pieces... Expect mayhem anyhow that somehow leads to peace

Underrated college student vs high school star-- Less of mayhem than Zilberstein- Esserman and another draw...

Boston's greatest talker vs underrated kid from SF: Experience takes over ( albeit being lower rated by 1 pt)

Thats Boston wins 3-1----- Margin of Error Adjustment ( using Marketing/Accounting skills) 2.5-1.5

Seattle vs New Jersey ( the battle of the teams needing to win to make the playoffs)

Unknown ( at least to me) very high rated FM Cozianu vs Benjamin- cant help thinking Benjamin is a favorite here: 1 pt for NJ

FM Mikhailuk vs Newly formed IM Mac Molner:

I first heard of Mikhailuk's power when he beat Shabalov with black last year.... This year he has been struggling though with a score of 0-3... With the white pieces and rating edge I expect Molner to squeeze out the victory..... Thats two pts for NJ.

FM Michael Lee vs Albert Kapengut: Up and coming youngster vs experienced IM coming off of a crazy draw against teamate Martirosov... I predict a draw here as Kapengut will play solidly as black and Lee won't push too hard.

Guo vs Finn.....
I haven't seen much of Guo's games and have seen FInn's crazy sacrificial games in the past.. Guo is playing well this year: 2 wins with the french... Seattle shall get their lone win of the match on this board as Guo will take advantage of Finn's material deficit after an all-out gruesome looking attack

In the long Run... NJ wins 2.5-1.5 and its playoff hopes stay alive with a -1 record of 2.5 3.5

The leaders in the West named the Scorpions vs the Middle of the Pack in the East also known as the Kingfishers

IM ( GM Strength) Barcenilla vs Erenburg : I expect peace relatively early as Barcenilla won't try for much.

IM Rensch vs GM Larry Rybka Kaufman- Rensch this is year is making up for his previously struggles in the league with an outstanding 3-0 record/2794 performance rating.... However, with the white peices and the outstanding Rybka-based preperation that I expect, I see Larry coming out with the full point.

FM Harper vs Kaufman JR ( IM Ray Kaufman):

Kaufman will outplay Harper in a QID ala his previous game this season against Dehmelt but Harper will hold out the draw ( The Kaufmans will score 1.5/2 in total)

Another up and coming Adelberg vs Zimmer... Busy student vs busy father.... Im gonnga go on a whim and expect the experience to take over here....

Baltimore wins 2.5-1.5 ( although a lot has to do with how Arizona will play after their loss last week: I know for me one of the hardest things to do in chess psychologically is to play after a loss)

Thats 4-0 for the East: Quite a reversal of Monday night's results with the West winning 3.5/4.. Lets see how much of these predictions hold true:)

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