Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Watching my team win from Nowhere Land

"He's a real nowhere man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
for nobody."
Ok, I had some predictions, but I was no where to be seen watching the USCL games.. Normally, the USCL is a big distraction... Half the time time USCL games are on, I'll be "studying" with my friends with several ICC windows open on my comp. screen. Friends will think I am crazy playing multiple games at once... When I tell them, I am actually watching several games live, they just look at me on awe..

This time around was different: While four of teammates were sweating away ( or not- don't quite know) at the Harvard Astrophysics center dueling the SF Mechanics, I was sweating away dancing at the Brandeis Chabad for Shemini Atzeret with no eyes on the games until afterwards... Here am now at 3 am sleeping like a normal human being ( I mean writing this blog post)

To start off here's my failure/sucesss in my predictions
I can't complain about my predictions for the night: 3/4 results correct... Different margins but it turns out Ron Young predicted the exact same results as me: Nyers think alike:)

Heres my results on individual match ups:

New England: 2/4: Shankland and Chase won.. Vigorito won, which I predicted was going to be a draw. Theil drew but it seems to me, he offered a draw since NE was already winning the match... I wasn't watching the match though so correct me if I'm wrong:)

Boston Blitz: Larry won in a nice attack as expected... I definitely underestimated the Catdog/ Havard square power of Marc on Bd 2... Heavy ( GOTW maybe) material there! Corke didn't manage to draw.... and Krasik drew rather than winning.... Overall, I only scored 1/4 on individual match ups but got the right result:)

Seattle: I think all the predictors got this one wrong:) With a rating edge, 1 Gm and 2 IMs vs 3 FMS it was hard to pick against NJ. The one match I predicted wrong: I got 1/4 of the results right here as Finn-Guo went exactly the way I said it would with Finn going for an all-out attack..... Cozianu shows he is a serious fighter and is clearly IM strength.

Baltimore Kingfishers:3/4 predictions right ( best of all) : Barcenilla drew as expected.. ok not too quick as I said before but there weren't too many fireworks in the game. Rensch lost to Kaufman who seemingly prepared well and had a very strong attack out of the opening.. Harper- Kaufman was my one mishap here... and Zimmer played a slow positional game with 1.Nf3 and his experience took over against Adelberg..

Overall Game Predictions correct: 7/18 -

Now on to the Blitz's Damage for the night! :

As I was sweating away dancing at the Chabad of Brandeis for shemini atzeret understanding maybe 15% of the Hebrew being chanted, 4 of my teammates were doing business against SF.

On board 1, Larry won with a typical one of his attacks... He played an off beat 2.b3 against Kraai's French and after move 5, the game was completely out of theory: even unnormal for USCL games to go out of book that fast!

On board 2, Marc ( Cat Dog gives no draws) Esserman takes the full point from IM Zilberstein:

I am at fault for underestimating the great powers of Catdog... I never knew he knew how to play with taking pawns... I thought he only knew how to sack them!

Board 3: Corke as far as I can see didn't get much of an advantage from the opening and got outplayed.

Board 4. Krasik plays Dragon but many possible fireworks didn't occur and ultimately peace was the result.

A solid match victory overall bringing us to 2nd place... Next stop is not letting NJ get revenge next week!

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