Sunday, October 17, 2010

Express Predictions for tomorrow night

Last week, I faired at 37.5% accuracy. Work is piling up but I couldn't help procrastinating to write these prediction:)

1) New yawwkers vs the Joisy boys: (LETS GO YANKS!!!!!!!! Kick some Ranger's Ass)

Gulko beat GM Sasha in the Morra before..... He wants revenge and has the white pieces: 1-0.... Other matches are interesting but with the Knights having rating edges and with three Alexes, they got this one.
NY wins 2.5-1.5

2) Baltimore passes the middle vs The stalked Bahstan Blitz

Hard fought draw on board 1, Bostons got nice edges on 2 and 3 and faces the consequences of a stalked line up and board 4..... Boston wins 2.5-1.5 ( Shmelov is fast: time disadvantage is nothing)

3) A great start vs a a terrible start: which is better?: Chicago vs Miami

-Two GMS Fight it out: they split the two points
- IM Felecan is scary with white and Rosen has a nice edge on board 4
Chicago wins 3-1 ---- 2.5-1.5 ( as I do think their GMS are slightly weaker then the Shark's Gms collectively)

4) Seattle has a chance to prevent SF from coming to the playoffs for the first time!: Can they do it?

Akobian has white against Friedel: thats one win for Seattle.

Pruess is much stronger with white and Mikhailuk is having a tough season... Score is even.

Lee vs Naroditsky : even match: two positional(!) kids duke it out........ DRAW

Guo vs Liou: 4 letters in a last name is greater than 3... Liou wins

SF wins 2.5-1.5 and keeps its chances to make the play offs!

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