Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hope is still on!: Predictions for Tonight/ Tribute to Petty

Along with the other predictors, I didn't do so well with Monday night's predictions; hopefully, tonight's will be better.... In all 4 matches one side has a big rating edge.

1st place vs last: Our crosstown rivals vs the Cobras who held us to a draw last week

Schroer fell down to Christiansen last week.... Somehow I think he'll draw Hungaski.... Carolina drew their last two matches and NE secures clear 1st in the division with a draw... A drawn match it is!

The team from the city of the Brotherly love vs the heavy hitter Applesauce looking to squeeze into the play of action

Manhattan shows one of their strongest possible line ups that is pretty stacked... James Black also had an impressive showing this last weekend drawing IM Bonin and drawing IM Lapshun so he cant be counted to lose although FM Shahade is a favorite........ Manhattan wins 3-1.

The confident Arizona scorpions in 1st place vs the three GM muskateer trio the St Louis Archbishops

This may be the first time in USCL History that 3 GMS played 3 IMS!s this line up is just too good. I generally like balanced line ups but against ST Louis, one should have a GM on bd 1.... St. Louis wins 2.5-1.5

The battle of the Christmas Colors: The Dallas Destiny vs The LA Vibe

Dallas has IMS vs FMS on 1 and 2(and rating edges).. They score 1.5/2 (although Tatev played very well in the US womens championship gaining a ton of points so with the white pieces is can be potentially very dangerous. I know considerably less about the players on bds 3 and 4 but I say they split...

Dallas's playoff hopes stay alive as they win 2.5-1.5

In other news, Happy 60th birthday to Tom Petty!!!!!


  1. is Rogellio Barcenilla a GM-elect?

  2. Yes he is GM-elect

  3. A drawn match it's not! Go Nor'easters!