Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monday Night Predictions!!!

With three weeks left, USCL Action is coming down to the wire! Here are my prognostics:

The battle of the West and East Sides of the Hudson:
-GM Joel takes down up and coming near GM strength Milman" With Milman working in finance lacking time to significantly prepare I don't think he will equalize out of the opening.... Joisy wins on this board.

-The recently IM crowned beast Mac attacks slightly more experienced Columbia grad student Vovsha that doesn't have all that much time for chess.. I predict a draw here.

- Older brother Shen (WO u2400 champ) shall ultimately surrender to the more experienced macho man Braylovsky... I once heard FM Hoffman say he was annoyed that he wouldn't take a draw for a tie for first... His fighting spirit shall win the full point.
- Shen JR shall take the full point against Mr. CIS Smith after a long tiring day with students...
All in all... I predict a tie leaving both teams out of any decent play off contention.

Baltimore right in the middle of the pack vs The Inventors ( with Bartell back)
-Erenburg is annoyed that he didnt win GOTW last week (who I agree should Have)= Erenburg will be on the top of his game with excellent prep and beat down on Bartell (guy)

-Zimmer take son the Bone!-- I predicted Bonin would win last week against Hungaski--- They drew when Bonin was much better... ZImmer is 300 pts lower rated= Bonin wins ( Bonins 2 hr trip to Philly= more motivation=150 rating pts)
- Balasubramanian vs Dehmelt: a classic example of youth vs experience... Dehmelt's 15 chess hiatus is 3/4 of Balusbramanian's life time... At any rate... I predict a draw as Dehmelt is a solid player with black.
- Selzler vs Costigan: An IM playing on bd 4 is kind of ridiculous: Costigan wins..

When push comes to shove, Philly wins 2.5-1.5 and maintains miniscule chances to go to the play offs

The 2008-2009 champs vs the 2009-2010 Western Division champs ( The Dallas Destiny vs the Seattle Sluggers)

- after not making post-season last year I can't imagine them not making post-season this year !

IM "Beer Cheese" Bercys takes on the "previously unknown" FM Cozianu

A few weeks ago I would say Bercys would be a clear favorite despite a rating disadvantage; however, after Coziano beat Benjamin a few weeks ago I can't say anything for sure... Im gonna go with a draw here as Bercys is solid with the white pieces.

IM Sadorra( who was the first to stop Simpson's miraculous upset run) against FM Milkhaiulk: who scored his 1st solid win last week): Im gonna go with Sadorra coming through here in a wild tatical melee.

FM Kiewra vs FM Milat:two strong FMS, neither of which have a great score so far this season... Its a toss-up but considering I saw Kiewra have a successful outing in a ST Johns Masters back in the summer taking 1st with Lenderman Im gonna go with a win for him..

Zorigt shall start impresing as she did in past years with a rating and age edge... Zorigt wins after Guo goes makes some positional concessions with white.

Dallas wins 3.5-.5...... I mean 3-1 The previous score just seems to good.

The Battle for 1st in the West: Chicago wants to get back to #1

Solid IM Altounian vs New to League GM Amanov

I expect Altounian not to take many chances and Amanov not doing anything crazy for the win making this game a draw.

Tactical IM Aldama vs More positional IM Young who had a magnificent peformance last year but is suffering a bit this year

I expect Aldama to play super sharp trying to mix up the game with black and ultimately suffering defeat... Thats one for Chicago

FM ( SF killer Adamson) vs IM Visnuvardhan ( whom I know absolutely nothing about except the that he beat FM Dehmelt back in Week 6)--- Robby is higher rated though... I predict draw

League Newcomer Gurczak who surprisingly drew Galofre in wk 1 against More experienced and higher rated FM Shankar
As the FM has white and a 200 rating pt edge I have to give my him the win.. although you never know...

Chicago shall get back jo jo ( honoring John Lennon's 70th bday this past weekend although "Get Back" was primarily by Mcartney) to 1st place with a 3-1 margin

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