Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Predictions for Tonight's Action

My marketing professor told me the other day to keep case study write-ups succinct: I'm gonna apply that advice to my predictions for tonight!

Super Heavy NYERS (quite possibly influenced by the Yanks who are soon going to win the World Series!!!!!!!) vs our local competitors the Nor-Easters: Last week, I spoke to Shankland about how good NE was doing: We agreed that 6.5/7 is a great score but their opponent's average ratings was significantly lower rated than that of any other team at 2342. This will be NE's true test.

With rating edges on 3 boards, I say NY wins 3-1... Things depend on whether or not Shankland holds down Kaschi after his great result in VA this past weekend.

The Upsetter Cobras vs the Good Guys( The Blitz)

Schroer won last week: Can he shock the crowds again? Can I hold down the fort on board 4?: No Jinxing here but Overall Boston will win 3-1 with rating edges on every board.

GGGg St Louis vs "the Kids" named the San Francisco Mechanics

THE GGGg format (USATE 2008 for those of you unaware of the reference) shall be held in tact by the youngsters : Match will be drawn 2-2... SF will score 1/3 on the top boards and win on board 4.

The Battle for 4th place: The Mighty Miami Sharks vs the peaceful LA Vibe

2 GMS are not as great as 3 but are still scary and when board 3 has a rating edge too thats worse..... Miami wins 2.5-1.5

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