Monday, October 25, 2010

Predictions for Tonight's East Coast Mayhem

Ok in reality, its not quite Mayhem in the east as the play off positioning is pretty much decided.... IF NJ wins 4-0 that would just be ridiculous but hey I guess anythings possible:)

Without further ado, here's my first prediction!: The Bankers and Kids that make up the eliminated Applesauce vs the Locked in 1st place Nor'easters

It looks like Manhattan is tossing in the towel as they are out of playoff contention... Milman- Shankland equal chances... Vovsha's a favorite and Manhattan would be lucky to get .5/2 on the lower boards... If Manhattan has any chance, Vovsha must be Riordan who proves to be a solid player who has scored considerably stronger as white...
As the night approaches its end, the Noreaster's cruise to victory 3-1 finishing the season with an astonishing 9.5-.5 score.

The consolation battle to avoid the rear of the East: Carolina vs Philly

Both teams repeat their line ups from last week..... On the top boards, white wins 2 times.... Same pattern repeats on 3 and 4...

The match shall fizzle in to a drawn match leaving Carolina at the rear...
Side note: As Carolina pulled numerous drawn matches this season, they must be applauded for their effort. However, hopefully next year they can get a strong IM/GM to hold down the fort on bd 1 to be more competitive for the playoffs.

The hardest of matches for me to objectively predict: My fellow Boston Blitz vs my old compatriots the NY Knights

Sr. Hasbun vs the rock named Kachei: a very interesting encounter between a great tactician and a stone solid positional player: very hard to judge but I think this will be a sharp Nimzo-Indian that will fizzle into a draw

Shmelov seeks revenge against Pascal: not sure what hes gonna bring under his sleeve tonight... Hopefully he can hold down a draw... Gotta give the GM the edge here though to come out with the win.

Another rematch: Experience vs youth ( although the not the typical kind as Getz is one of the few kid positional masterminds) : Since Vadim lost to him in round 1 , he had a nice string of wins and draws and is white this time arounds... Vadim shall obtain revenge bringing home the full point.

Yet another rematch: I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that Krasik fully seeks revenge against Ostrovskiy as his first round loss ended his perfect score against Alex in the league... Alex has improved greatly as of late, finishing with an outstanding 6/9 result in the Continental Championship gained 60! rating pts.. On the other hand, Krasik as well all no can play anywhere from 2000-2600 on a given day... With his motive for revenge, Krasik Wins

All in all, the good guys ( I mean the Boston Blitz) win 2.5-1.5

Last but not least, The desperate Joisy boys take on the almost unthinkable role of trying to beat Baltimore 4-0 to qualify for this playoffs

NJ will be going all out thats for sure!
GM Benjamin shall try for ever to grind out GM Erenburg but peace arises... Ok, right there, NJ already wouldn't Qualify, but Benjamin may win... IMS Molner and Kapengut are favorites and Finn has to be seen as an underdog; although as we seen in previous seasons, FInn can be a great attacker...

Normally, Id say each team has equal chances but with the terms of the match, I see NJ pressing to win on all boards and Baltimore winning 3-1.

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