Monday, November 1, 2010

The Intensity of the Eastern Quaterfinals is upon us tonight!

Don don da don..............

Certainly an interesting 1st round match up: My crosstown revivals vs my past beloved NY Knights: No one can argue what an accomplishment NE's 9.5-.5 record was, especially considering it was an expansion team

Firsthand, a fellow Brandeis student Shanky, who seemingly likes Shrek, takes on GM Lenderman... Objectively I think Lenderman is a bit stronger, but Shankland has the white pieces and had three impressive league wins in a row against 2 GMS and 1 strong near GM strength IM..... A draw is likely.

Next, we see NY's powerhouse GM Charbonneau take on IM Hungaski, who also seems to be near GM Strength... Charbonneau has been known as a Boston- Killer: It seems as that might be translating to the NE region... He will be tired from working since early morning but Hungaski will be tired from the long drive from CT to Boston...... Charb wins

We then see one of the trickiest masters around Boston FM Chase take on a more of a rock FM Getz... I have played both of these players a number of times and think overall they are in close in strength... I see neither Getz pushing for a win with black nor Chase being unsatisfied with a draw considering NE has draw odds.... Draw

Lastly wee see another Youth vs age match up Ostrovskiy vs Cherniack... Both are known to calculate alot and this will be a crucial match up... Ostrovskiy needs to come back from his tough result this weekend and pull through which I think he can as he has had an impressive 3.5/4 record this season thus far..... I predict Ostrovskiy draws here. However, if Cherniack can pull through with a win, NE will head to the playoffs.

The second duel of the night shall take place between my fellow soldiers the Boston Blitz looking to hold down the fort against the Baltimore Kingfishers( Or as Krasik wrote on his Facebook, "Kingfishes":):

On board 1, we see GM Erenburg fighting IM Christiansen again with the white fellows... Woa-- Larry surprised everybody last time with the Phillidor: I am not sure what he will play tonight but certainly something else! Erenburg shall hope for victory pressing slowly but Christiansen's resistance will hold strong... DRAW

On board 2, we see none other than Harvard Square Specialist IM Catdog Esserman, who has played solidly this weekend in the Marshall Championship, drawing his Smith-Morra nemesis GM Lenderman and IM Sarkar, leading to a 4/5 start, takes on a solid IM from Baltimore Enkhbat...... Enkhbat is solid with 2.5/5 but when Catdog plays, all hell breaks lose, especially when he has the white pieces... Thats one pt for the good guys... Just one more draw on the bottom two boards, and Bahstan shall cruise to the semifinals!

On the next board, our rock Martirosov takes on the slightly higher rated Zimmer... This will be a battle of two solid players: I expect a relatively boring Queens-Indian here... Not much happens and draw is the end...

Last but not least, we see Krasik take on the mighty Balasubramanian who may have the longest name in the league.... These players are about equal in strength... The former has a significantly more experience in the league and the latter has been preforming better this year. At the end of the day I see Balasubramanian pushing for the win to overcome draw odds and Krasik taking the whole point....
For that matter, Zimmer and Erenburg will likely end up pressing more than normal so when the dust clears, my fellow Bahstan Blitz takes on NY next week!

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