Thursday, November 18, 2010

Predictions for the 2010 USCL Finale!!

Expansion team the New England Nor'easters takes on 2 time Championship contender the Miami Sharks
Now, if this was a North vs south matchup that would make up a nice civil war; however, Miami is "in the West", so that's what is the dual of the Eastern and Western champs. Both teams will undoubtedly strive for the very best as NE would love to make history being the first expansion to team to win the Championship, although they already clearly made history with their kind of ridiculous 11-1 score so far, and Miami hope to win their first championship after losing to Baltimore and NY In their two championship outings: So lets, see who shall be the victors!

Bd 1: IM Shanky takes on GM Becerra
I have always viewed Becerra is a rock, Sam begs to differ..... Sam wants to win. I still say Becerra is solid with black... Drawn match in a classical KID.

Bd 2: FM Martinez takes on IM Hungaski
Both players have had great seasons so far: Martinez 6.5/8 and Hungaski 6/7.. Both of Hungaski's draws came when he had the black pieces. Hungaski will get a slightly worse position out of the opening in his normal Scandinavian but will hold things together to hold a draw.

Bd 3: FM master of tricks Chase vs FM Galofre
These players' styles are pretty much as different as can be. As seen in his Galofre's wk 5 GOTW, he is perhaps one of the most wild players in the league, although with good rewards as he has a strong 2.5/3 record and a 2540 performance rating, thats 240 points above his rating...... Chase plays his normal KIA and Galofre gets bored in a taticless game... Lots of maneuvers will happen but neither players will get anywhere... Another draw.

Bd 4: The Shocker of the League Rosenthal takes on Cherniack
Ok, so the last three weeks I regretfully predicted Rosenthal to lose. Instinctively, I would say Cherniack is a clear favorite with his vast experience. The other day, Krasik and I agreed that Cherniack is likely the strongest board 4 in the league.Rosenthal certainly has chances to shock the crowds yet again, but Cherniack is somewhat of a kid killer.. Out of the 5 games he played against 18 yr olds/under this season so far: Shen, Katz, Herbsts, Ostrovskiy, and Xu, hew scored a heavy 4.5/5:: Cherniack wins!

And NE becomes the 2010 champions! Sure, it wasn't fun being eliminated by them last week, but they've been a strong team all season long and didn't get some of the credit they deserved: Lets go NE!!

With that in mind, as the Championship will be taking place, I will be at the next concert on the agenda: The Allman Brothers at the Orpheum. Here's a video of "Hot Lanta" at their AC show two nights ago:


  1. Cherniack is not the strongest bd 4 in the league IMO.

  2. Not even close you are on crack

  3. ok mr. anonymous: few things: 1st of all, if your gonna insult me, have the nerves to identify yourself. 2nd of all, if you disagree, give a solution.... who is the best board 4 in the league?
    PS i have absolutely no problem with people disagreeing with my opinions but that is assuming they are doing so respectfully

  4. Well, without offending Cherniack, my game against him he was probably losing until I self-destructed (btw this is Katz), and I would put in a pretty strong case for either Ostrovskiy, Krasik, or Rosenthal (mostly Ostrovskiy).

    And I was only the 1st comment, I have no idea who posted the 2nd comment.

  5. I have to say if you look at the board 4 by points...

    You have to realize that NY and CHI have been carried by their board 4's 7.5/10! An amazing score. I would wager a high bet that Trevor Magness has one of the highest TPR's in the league 2641 though of course his 2/2 score is truly undefined. It's hard to overlook Eric Rosen's 2/3 including a miniature as black over Rosenthal. Though there were numerous other strong players in the west such as Alex Guo (who beat Rosen in week1) tremendous 5/6! as well as Yian Liou who had a rough season this year with 3/7 being unable to repeat his season score from bd4 last year that saw 6.5/10 including a win over strong IM Mehmed Pasalic! Arizona has David Adelberg 1.5/3 this season unable to reproduce his 4/6 from the prior season that saw tremendous wins over both Rosen and Magness. This is all so far in West alone... now head on over to East...

    Certain Ostrovskiy takes and EATS the cake of west with a tremendous 5.5/7 score with 2447 TPR. There really isn't even a contest in the east for 'best' board 4 which begs the question why Krasik gets a mention despite the fact he had a nice win for a strong team.

    These best arguments are always a bit silly as it can be like splitting hairs. All players in this league are strong. Board 4 is usually constructed just as the last degree of freedom dictated for the lineup to work.

    Krasik's 3/6 2242 TPR doesn't impress though compared to Rosen, Magness, Liou, Adelberg, Ostrovskiy. Ditto with Rosenthals 3.5/7 2255 TPR. At least Cherniak has a nice 6.5/8 2448 TPR to make his argument somewhat reasonable.

    Still at the end of the day, I think its what color and week you catch these guys in on who will win a given match up.

  6. Oh my, I don't need to turn up my hearing aid, it clearly sounds like someone is green as a gourd. I reckon a young lad like Katz and Ostrovskiy would avoid such commenting and would never mention a Boston Blitz player alongside themselves. I s'pose that Ilya Krasik hasn't got the sense of a Betsy bug to realize how foolish he can be. You see his comment frenzy on GOTW, he ain't got a leg to stand on. Kodiak droppings about sums up that one, never positive, would take the quarters off a corpse's eyes if he could. I say Cherniack and Bayaraa Zorigt have hearts as big as all outdoors, dem some wise owls right there. Alex Cherniack has proven statistically to be the best, these disputes are dead as a door nail to the world of facts. On board four hes been as dependable as a spring flood, Alex Cherniack is by far the greatest board four of 2010.

  7. Actually incorrect... if we go by facts Trevor Magness TPR 2641 2/2 is the best bd4.

  8. He played two are the incorrect one idiot, do you know how to actually read sporting statistics? He's not even top three.

  9. I just want to clarify a few things: For one, I said Cherniack is "LIKELY the strongest board 4 of the league".Key word. Of course, it is debatable: in fact I certainly think Cherniack and Ostrovskiy are the top two(not really sure about order/doesn't make much of a difference). Both had very strong seasons,Cherniack played one more game. There is no question Ostrovskiy is talented and may even be a board 3 for NY next year, but Cherniack's experience counts for something. We shall see who gets board 4 all-star:)

  10. Evan can you send me the IP of this idiot posing as some retarded Grandma, mrs hortense?


  11. Well Mr. Idiot as you shall forever be named, if two games isn't enough of a sample size for you then what is?? Any good statistician would not accept a sample size below 30 which would discount any board4 as there are only 10 games. I'm afraid you're splitting hairs as I originally pointed out. Your favorite is one thing and you can't twist facts to prove your favorite.

  12. And I rest my case.... Rosenthal-Charniak 1-0.

  13. If u use Ostrovskiy currebt 2380 rating, his performance also doesn't impress, while everyone else who has played him get bumped up a notch.

  14. So how did that work out for all of you?