Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Wild Wild West: Battle in the Quarterfinals

The Mighty Miami Sharks take on the Chicago Blaze looking for serious business in their first playoff match ever

On board 1, we see perhaps two of the more solid GMS in the US taking on each other: GM Becerra and GM Gurevich... Becerra is nothing but a rock: To win MVP 4 times out of six seasons thus far, is an extraordinary accomplishment.. Winning MVP once is one thing but to win a majority of seasons thats just out of the blue.... Beccera with the white pieces wins on board 1.

Next we see, another GM duel between Gonzalez and Amanov. Amanov is lower rated but at the same time underrated---- see He beat Gonzalez with black in wk 9 and had a great result in the Midwest championships a few weeks ago.... Amanov shall slowly outplay Gonzalez... Thats 1 pt for Chicago.

On board 3, one of the strongest FMS ( certainly IM strength) Martinez against Chicago's underrated IM... Its often hard for me to predict games between players who's rating difference contrast from their tittles ( Martinez is higher rated but is an FM).. Last time, I incorrectly predicted Felecan would win..... I am gonna go on a whym and predict a draw....

Last but not least Miami's underrated expert Rosenthal takes on FM Shankar... Rosenthal shocked a lot of people last week as he effectively outplayed SF's underrated powerhouse Yian Lou.... This time though, I think Shankar will come through with a win as he has the white pieces and more experience

And as Vonnegut wrote " so it goes" in Slaugtherhouse-Five", Chicago will end Miami's season as they succeed 2.5-1.5.

The division champs, the Arizona Scorpions challenge the higher-rated "middle of the pack team" that snuck into the playoffs, the Seattle Sluggers

Firstly, we see one of the US's most solid IMS Altounian take on MTV star Akobian aka, US Olympiad Coach: Altounian is a rock but with Akobians kind of ridiculous 2814 performance rating, I see Altounian not getting anything out of the opening and slowly getting outplayed... Seattle Wins

Then, GM-elect Barcenilla ( whom I apologize for incorrectly stating as IM a few weeks ago), takes on a VERY strong FM Cozianu who drew Barcenilla's teamate Altounian in wk 1... This one's kind of a toss-up as I really don't know how to to judge Cozianu, I am gonna predict hes gonna nab the full point... making Seattle 2-0 on boards 1-2

Next, we see FM Mikhailuk vs IM elect Adamson... Robby had impressive results this summer earning his status of IM-elect. With the white pieces I think he is fully capable of doing damage, especially as Mikhailuk has been having a lackluster season thus-far... Adamson wins... If Arizona, can win board 4, they will head the to the semifinals.... Can they do it?:

Board 4!: Good news for AZ: Thompson beat Wang with black in round 1. Anything could happen of course, but Thompson shall take care of business again wheeling in the full point...

Drawn match

What shall happen in the "T" Series between the Blitz and Nor'easters and the semifinals between Arizona and Chicago? : Thats for next week... I will say for now though, I am looking forward to the match next Monday, whether I play or not..... Its kind of ridiculous that the two teams play about a mile away from each other, but it sure will be a great match!

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