Friday, February 4, 2011

Overdue First Israel Post!!!!!

So its been almost 3 weeks since I've arrived in the Holy Land and until now, I've yet to make a blog post. Life has been busy. Ulpan 4 days a week is tiring and having class on Sunday is something to get used to.

Last Sunday, (יומ ראשון ) I played in my first Israeli chess tournament at the Isreali Chess Federation's headquarters in Ramat Aviv.... yeah thats the same area as my university (only a 10 minute walk away). It was a little bit of a roller coaster.. I started out well beating two strong masters. I lost a tough game against a strong IM Dan Zoler. I then beat an expert giving me a solid 3/4 score and a chance to likely tie for first as Zoler gave up one draw already. Things were looking good for me as I was up two pawns in the last round against another expert but then hallucinations kicked in and I hung a queen... At the end of the day though, I tied for 4th place and won 150 shekels, double my entry fee and about $30 profit. Here's my up and down first round game against FM Ari Axelrod:

A funny little tidbit was the way I recorded moves kind of ridiculously. I bought an Isreali scorebook: hence לבן (white) is on the left, rather than left of שׁשחור (black). I didn't know the names of the chess pieces in Hebrew so I wrote in English but right to left:Yesterday I studied the names of the pieces in Hebrew so I shall try to record in Hebrew the next tournament I play here. Much more to come later but for now are some of the few photos I've took since I've been here:
I just had to show this awesome quote Jack Bruce said in an interview for Uncut Magazine, which also has a incredible 40 year celebratory article on the Allman Brothers. On that note, I downloaded Gregg's new album that I previously mentioned on the blog on Itunes and he's still got the blues down pat!!!!

Last Monday, the Overseas Program organized a group trip to Jerusalem. It was cold and raining but it ended up being a great time. We saw a 3D Time Machine Movie, ate lunch at the Shuk ( which has a ton of cheap food,clothes, jewelery, luggage..... etc you name it), toured the Old City a bit, and enjoyed a nice dinner buffet before heading back to Tel Aviv. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me but here's a shot of the Old City from my I-pod.
More Shall come Soon!!


  1. Good going!Did you get my camera to work?I can get abattery for yours and send it to you miss you soo much sound like school is tough but exciting...

  2. LMAO,

    The photo of you looks like you are being held hostage by Bin Laden, and he is airing you, showing the U.S, your score-sheet of the last chess game you are ever going to play!! A smile wouldn't have hurt, but I am sure you been smiling in other venues that Israel has to offer a mighty NYC Rabinowitz. Let me know if there are ever a bunch of maniacs that want to go London :-)