Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Return of Rabin's Adventures!

In the words of Kurt Vonnnegut, "So it goes": I have officially stopped my almost 3 month hiatus from the blogosphere. I have been extremely busy although that is  no valid excuse. On June 6th, I returned from Tel Aviv, where, as many of you know, I lived for 5 months while studying at Tel Aviv University. Then, after spending 6 days in NY, I twas in LA from June 12-17.  It was nice visiting Cali for the first time and hanging out with some Taglit-Birthright friends whom I haven't seen since the trip...I can't believe its been almost three years since the trip.  After LA though, I have been spending this week in Pottstown, PA. Old readers may remember exactly a year ago while I was here after spending a weekend in Allentown and excited about getting into the Brandeis business major. Yup, not much exciting going on here. ... I am looking foward to Arlington, VA next week followed by the World Open in Philly.... I get some time off, and what I do?:::: TRAVEL MORE. I'M AN ADDICT I KNOW.

Tel Aviv was truely an amazing experience, which I will blog more about in the future. For now, here's a list of important points:
1) It was awesome living half way across the world from home, taking a break from my ":regular" college life in the 'great' land of Waltham
2) It was nice actually seeing places in Israel for more than a few hours at a time as I did on Taglit.
3) I enjoyed becoming better friends with some of the ex-soldiers who were on my Taglit trip.
4) I met some awesome internationals ( mostly Americans though) who were on OSP.

Anyway enough ranting for 1 post.... Heres one game I played the same day I arrived to NY.... Yes, I was insane to arrive in NY from Tel Aviv at 6 AM NY time and that night head out to White Plains to play a tournament.. Fotunatelly things went my way actually bumping my rating back over 2200 as I tied for first in the Quad with the usual nemesis Leif Pressman.  Without further adue, I show you my first round madness with the great Michael Amori:

Check back for more of Rabin's adventures soon!