Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rabin's Success in the City of Brotherly Love: Part 1

Here is part one of my World Open review, dedicated to Ringo Starr as today is his 71st!! birthday.

Here's a video of Sir Paul playing "Birthday" for him last year at the show I was at at Radio City!:..... Speaking of which---- next concert on the list: Sir Paul at Yankee Stadium July 16- I'm excited!

A year ago, loyal readers might recall I just visited the World Open as a tourist hanging out the last day with time to meet up with a Brandeis friend, watch a few July 4th festivities and watch the open section......... This time around, things were different. I did not my USA chess traveling get in the away from Philly.. Friday the 1st, I took a train directly from DC to Philly to begin the 5 game set of G/45 crackation( as Polly Wright (Castling Queenside) would call it) that starts the three day schedule of the tournament.

In the long run, things went my way as I tied for 2nd with Levy Rozman, Ricardo Perez-Billinghurst, Andrew Ryba, Anthony Parkerand Michael Yuen as we each picked up $2532. However, such winnings were not without controversy as first place Joshua Mu may have likely taken a deal with his last round opponent, in which his opponent who was a half point by would dump the game if Mu would give him a 40% share of clear first. There was no clear evidence that Mu accepted the deal and congratulations to him in the case that he didn't, but it is widely accepted that his opponent offered the deal and should be banned from USCF. If you do know anything about the offer, please do inquire me or CCA directly.

Anyways, here is likely my best game from the tournament, certainly the most important in the tournament standings, as I beat David Justice, who was then tied for the lead with Anthony Parker.

More to be continued... I'm headed to Harrisburg, PA next week, followed by a tour of upstate- NY- Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse.


  1. Nice write up. Congrats on the money. I was in the U1800 section. Had it not been for the food poisoning from the chaffing dished hotdogs I indulged in during the middle of a 6 hour marathon, I might have finished with 6.5 points as well and walked home with a few hundred dollars.

    What section did you play?

  2. Thanks for the compliments and sorry about the food poisioning:( I played u2200.