Sunday, July 17, 2011

SIR PAUL ROUND 2 Review Along with a Wee Bit of Chess

Hello all from Buffalo, NY.  I just landed a little while ago as I will be teaching here for a week, before I head to Rochester followed by the suburbs of Boston. Without further ado, I give you my brief review of Sir Paul's excellent concert at Yankee Stadium.
So two years ago, I saw Sir Paul perform the first concert at Citifield. Although it likely was the best concert I have ever been to, although compared to the Cream Reunion in 2005, it was a close call, it had to be in the silly Mets Stadium.. This time around though,  on the 2nd night of the "McCartney on the Run tour", it was in the best baseball stadium in the world:) LETS GO YANKEES!

Sir Paul began the excitement as he walked on stage and rocked out "Magical Mystery Tour", a song I appreciate more than "Hello, Goodbye", which he opened up the Friday night show with. Speaking of which, I generally like to see the previous setlists before the show but only quickly glancing at them just to see the general gist of what to expect. With Sir Paul though, no matter what you know what your getting: a bunch of the top Beatles hits always including "Yesterday", "Get Back", " Back in the USSR", among a few others, and a few solo hits, always including "Live and Let Die", " Band on the Run". His similar shows have ups and downs: you always know what your getting, but the setlists can get a little dry. As I saw Sir Paul two years ago, I realized he repeated alot of the stories I thought were very interesting two years ago. For example, after playing a cover of "Foxy Lady" after playing "Let me Roll it", as he did two years ago, he rementioned how Jimmi played "Seargant Pepper" two days after the album was released and how he asked Eric Clapton to come on stage and tune the guitar.

Despite the repetition in the setlist though, McCartney was amazing playing old hits that aren't usually played like "I will", " ob-la-di-bla-da" and "I Will". Even more exciting though was when he played " The Night Before", a song the Beatles never played live before and in fact "the night before", Friday night was the first time Sir Paul played it.. Too top things off though, was during the first encore when Billy Joel came up to help him play " I Saw Her Standing there".
Now for those chess readers, here's a little bit of chess: another one of my games in the World Open, in which I outplayed my opponent in a typical Maroczy Bind fashion:

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