Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rabin's Prognostics for Week 5: Part 2

Monday Night, I did not fare to well with only 1/4 match points and a mere 5/16 game points correct. Let's see I if I can redeem myself through my predictions for tomorrow night!:

First of all we see the subway series in which the World Famous NY Knights take on the 2nd rate NY team the Manhattan Apple Sauce
I will be mainly watching this match, on a Boltbus from Boston to NY!

GM Kascheishvili- GM Stripunsky 1-0 These top level NY GMS duked out two draws the in the last two years in USCL... Both of those times Kaschi had the black pieces. Now Kaschi take order with white.
IM Vovsha- IM Krush 1-0
"GM" Pressman- IM Mandizha 0-1 (close call knowing both players well)
Smith- Gershenov 0-1
In a match with all decisive games, the result will be peaceful : Drawn Match 2-2 

The City of Brotherly Love's Inventors vs the Balanced Baltimore Kingfishers 

GM Erenburg-GM Kaufman 1-0: Erenburg shall prove him self worthy of playing on a different team.
IM Enkhbat- FM Bartell 1/2-1/2
IM Bonin- WGM Foisor 1-0: In the words of Jay himself, he's gonna go for a full bone!!
Defibaugh- Fisher 1-0 a tough call between the likely two strongest board 4s in the league but my instinct said Jared would win (the white pieces help out his cause)
but at the end of the night, Erenburg and the Bone shall lead Philly to win with a  2.5-1.5 victory

The Bullet-proof Chicago Blaze vs the Hikaruless St. Louis Arch Bishops 
Unfortunately for St. Louis, Hikaru is too busy drawing the likes of Ivanchuk and Anand in St. Paulo and not playing in the league... ( Shows the problem of putting all their eggs in one basket)

GM Friedel- GM Finegold 1-0
IM Vojinovic- GM Gurevich 1/2-1/2
IM Young-FM Eckert 1-0 Eckert has shocked me of times in the league so far, but its hard to predict him to score against one who is 200 points higher rated and has the white pieces..
Karlow- Schmakel 0-1
With a margin of error in mind, Chicago will win 3-1 Can anyone stop Chicago?!

The Balanced Bunch that make up the SF Mechanics vs the Akobian-led Seattle Sluggers 
With Akobian back in town, Seattle has prospects, but as we shall see, probably not enough to handle the Mechanics:
GM Kraai- GM Akobian 1/2-1/2 Kraai is quite a rock with the white pieces- he never lost a game with white in USCL history--- if Seattle wants to win, Akobian may have to deal Kraai his 1st USCL loss with white.
FM Mikhailuk-IM Naroditsky 0-1
IM Pruess-Kelley 1-0
Golub-Sevian 1-0
And the Sluggers shall face a difficult time making the playoffs as San Francisco shall win 2.5-1.5

In other new for those of you observing Rosh Hoshanah: !לשנה תטובה

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rabin's Predictions for the End of the First Half of the 2011 USCL Season: Part 1 !

The Under-performing New England Nor'easters take on the veteran New England team  the Boston Blitz
GM Shankland- Sammour Hasbun 1-0 Last week, I underestimated Shanky's abilities... this week I shall not, with the white pieces, he shall bust out some nice novelty and smoothly win from a nice opening advantage.
IM Catdog Esserman- IM Vigorito 1-0: Advanced Caro, Morra?! Not sure what, but I'm sure Catdog will have something up his sleeve... GOTW material?- just maybe
Cherniack-Martirosov 1/2-1/2
Krasik-Goldberg 1-0
and for the first time I all season I predict a win for Boston leaving NE with very minimal play off contention: Boston wins 2.5-1.5

The Also Under-performing NJ Knockouts take on the Balanced lined up Carolina Cobras
GM Benjamin- IM Schroer 1-0
FM Korley-FM Hansen 1-0
Shen-FM Simpson 0-1
Jones-Wu 1-0 Despite Wu's GOTW last week, Jones' large rating edge and white pieces will rule.
and Carolina get back to their winning ways after two consecutive losses as with a margin of error in mind, Carolina shall win 2.5-1.5

The Arachnida vs Sharks: The Arizona Scorpions vs the Miami Sharks
IM Molner- GM Becerra 1/2-1/2
FM Rodriguez- IM Altounian 0-1
IM Ginzburg-Hernandez 1-0
FM Palaez- Mateer 1-0
And the Scorpions shall keep their playoff hopes alive as Arizona wins 2.5-1.5

The Dallas Destiny bring out GM Chirila against the Desperate-to-Win LA Vibe
GM Chirila- GM Khaciyan 1/2-1/2
IM Amanov- IM Bercys 0-1
WGM Abrahamyan-Vaidya 1-0
Lu-Labedz 0-1
and with a MOE in mind, The Dallas Destiny shall win 2.5-1.5!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Second Half of Week 4!

I didn't do too bad tonight... 2/4 match predictions correct and  9/16 game points correct:) Let's see how I shall fare Wednesday night!

The Secondary New York Team the Manhattan Applesauce duke it out with the other side of the Hudson River: The New Joisy Knockouts 
GM Stripunsky- GM Benjamin 1/2-1/2 These GMS have an even score in USCL history.. In 2007, Benjamin outplayed Stripunsky with the white pieces. In 2008, they had a relatively boring draw and in 2009, Stripunsky brought home the full point with the black pieces. It's time for another draw!
IM Berezovsky-IM Bartholomew 0-1 I know absolutely nothing about IM Berezovsky, as he doesn't even have a USCF rating, but he must be out of practice.
IM Mandizha- FM Hansen 1-0
Wu- Black 1/2-1/2
All in all, Manhattan cruises to victory with a 3-1 score

The Unpredictable Carolina Cobras vs My Homies: The New York Knights
 IM Schroer-GM Kacheishvili 0-1 Giorgi shall seek revenge for his disappointing loss to Schroer which led to GOTW in last year's week 7 and stir up some nice home preparation.
GM Fedorowicz-FM Korley 1-0
Simpson- Herman 0-1 Considering the fact that in the last two years, Simpson had 15/15 decisive games with his crazy style, and Herman shall seek to re-raise his self-esteem after a sub-par start for this season, I can only see a good result for him Wednesday!
Williams- Jones 1/2-1/2
Without further ado, with a moe in mind, NY Shall win 3-1 

The St Louis Arch Bishops Dying to Get On the Scoreboard vs the So-far Sub Par Arizona Scorpions
GM Finegold- IM Molner 1-0
IM Altounian- IM Vojinovic 1/2-1/2
FM Eckert- FM Adamson 0-1
FM Atoufi- Karlow 1-0
and the Arch Bishops shall remain with a big 0 as Arizona wins 2.5-1.5 ( Where in the world is Hikaru Nakamura?!)

The Middle of the Pack The LA Vibe take on the Perfect Chicago Blaze 
Without Chicago's GGGg line up, the LA Vibe stand a chance, but let's see how much of one....
GM Khaciyan- GM Shulman 1/2-1/2 Shulman opened his USCL career last year with a GOTW win over Khaciyan but that was with this white pieces.. This time I predict a quieter game and a draw to boot.
GM Amanov- IM Amanov ( the Battle of the Amanovs although not related ) 1-0
WGM Abrahamyan- FM Dean 1-0
Menon-Lu 1-0 ( don't know either player so I'll go by rating on this one)
Unfortunately for LA, Chicago is still a favorite, only being a GGgg team, as Chicago shall win 2.5-1.5

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rabin Predicts Week 4: Part 1!!!

The Boneing Philly Inventors( with the great Bone) vs The Tail-ending NE Nor'easters 
GM Erenburg- the Brandeis Judge GM Shankland 1-0 (Sam please prove me wrong!!)
IM Hungaski- FM Bartell 1-0
IM Bonin- FM Bournival 1-0
Brattain-Fisher 0-1
And the Nor'easters shall remain in the dark as Philly win with a 2.5-1.5 margin (Margin of Error)

The Middle of the Pack:The Baltimore Kingfishers vs the Sub-par Bahstan Blitz 
Perhaps the Blitz got a little cocky this week with a sub-par lineup as they are leading the East.
GM Kaufman- FM Griego 1-0
Martirosov- IM Enkhbat 1/2-1/2
Defibaugh- Krasik 0-1
Gu-Schoch 0-1

Baltimore wins 2.5-1.5!! 

Miami with GM Becerra back vs the Ever-strong SF Mechanics 
GM Becerra- GM Bhat 1-0  These players drew the two times they played, once in 05 and once in 08. This time I think Becerra will out play Bhat in a long positional struggle
GM Kraai-FM Rodriguez 1-0
Hernandez- IM Naroditsky 0-1 Perhaps Hernandez could pull of an upset here as he did surprise me last week when he beat WGM Rohonyan, but I'm gonna give the IM an edge here... Rohonyan did after all make a somewhat dubious sac on f7.
Byambaa- Alvarez 0-1
And the final answer is...... a tied match 2-2

The Last night duel of the Night: The Akobianless Seattle Sluggers vs the Talented Dallas Destiny
IM Orlov- IM Bercys 1/2-1/2
GM Sadorra-FM Cozianu 1-0
NM Sinanan- IM Holt 0-1
WFM Labedz-Kelley 1-0 ( It's a little ridiculous that Labedz is now 2387- soon to be over 2400 as she beat two 2300s and 3 2500s in a row at the Southwest Open and is only rated as 2141.)
With a margin of error in mind, Dallas shall have a smooth 3-1 victory 

Chess and music readers alike, stay tuned for my review of Roger Daltrey's killer show in Boston last night!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rabin Guestimates the Results for Week 3 Part 2!!

Monday night I did Ok..  a lackluster 6/16 game pts correct and 2/4 match pts correct: 50% I'll take it.

My Home-team the New York Knights Looking for a Juicy 3-0 vs My Old Teammates The Bahstan Blitz 

GM Kaschi- Sammour 1-0: Last year Sammour beat Kaschi in a wild tactical melee that was GOTW material.. This year though, Kaschi has the white pieces and Sammour will never quite equalize out of the opening and slowly get outplayed.

IM Catdog Esserman- GM Fed 1/2-1/2: Morra? Morra?- just maybe.. Catdog has been quite a beast  in the league but take note this his first USCL game ever against a GM...  Fed won't go for a complicated Morra and the game will end in peace.

Herman- Martirosov 1-0: Back in 09, Herman lost to Martirosov as white--- with two years, comes 200 rating points for Herman and he will sure be trying hard to even up the favor as he will likely outplay Martirosov in another Rossilimo Sicillian

Krasik-Bodek 1-0 : As Bodek makes his league debut, I predict he will face a hard time against Krasik, who steer the game away from main-line theory, which Bodek knows very well.

All in all NY wins 2.5-1.5 to dominate the East 3-0!!

The New Joisy Knockouts and the City of Brotherly Love Inventors duke it out to avoid the tail-end of the East 

GM Benjamin-GM Erenburg 1/2-1/2
FM Bartell-GM Gulko 1/2-1/2
IM Kapengut-IM Bonin 1/2-1/2
Fisher-Matlin 1-0
and Philly leaves NJ in the hole, winning with a 2.5-1.5 margin 

The Two-time Champs the Dallas Destiny vs the Tail-ending St. Louis Archbishops
If St. Louis, wants to start winning, they need some more help from Hikaru...
IM Bercys- GM Finegold 1/2-1/2
FM Banawa- IM Holt 0-1
FM Kiewra- FM Eckert 1-0
Hua-Xiong 0-1
With a margin of error in mind, The Dallas Destiny shall win 3-1.

Last but not least, we see the California Civil War: the LA Vibe vs the SF Mechanics

GM Khachiyan-GM Bhat 1/2-1/2 
GM Kraai- IM Amanov 1-0
FM Casella- Liou 1/2-1/2
Sevian-Kavutskiy 1-0 : complete toss up to me, but I'll say Sevian wins with white  

SF wins 3-1....m.o.e....2.5-1.5

And for the music bit, please download from Itunes Clapton and Marsalis's new live album from their 2011 show at Lincoln Center Asap as it is just amazing! (Review of the album to appear on the blog soon after I listen to it some more)


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let the streak Continue: Week 3 Predictions Part 1 ! ( and a music update:))

I did pretty awesome for last Wednesday... I guessed %100 correctly for match points and 12/16 (75%) correctly for game points. Let's see if I can keep it up for Monday night:)

First things first, we have the duel between the Silly named Manhattan Applesauce vs the Surprisingly Strong Carolina Cobras

IM Milman-IM Matros 1-0 I don't know much about Matros, but I saw he had a few good recent results.
IM Battaglini- IM Vovsha 1/2-1/2 Battaglini makes his league debut but he has extensive experience playing for Haifa in the Israeli chess league... With white he is rather solid.
IM Bartholomew-FM Klein 1-0
Mabe- Black 1-0

And at the end of the night, Cobra's fantasy streak ends as Manhattan wins 2.5-1.5

The NE Nor'easters trying to get back on track vs the Baltimore Kingfishers in the middle of the pack

GM Shankland-GM Kaufman - it feels good to call my fellow Brandeisian  a GM this year:) 1-0
IM Enhkbat-IM Vigorito 1/2-1/2
FM Bournival vs Balasubramanian 1-0 Last year they drew with the same colors  but I predict this time Bournival will come through with the win
Schoch-Brattain 1-0

NE shall get on the scoreboard as they win 2.5-1.5 

The Seattle Sluggers vs the Miami Sharks duke it out without each teams' heavy hitters ( Akobian and Becerra perspectively) 

FM Cozianu- IM Moreno Roman 1-0
FM Rodriguez- FM Mikhailuk 1-0
WGM Rohonyan- Hernandez 1-0
Alvarez- Kelley 1-0
Tied Match 2-2 

The Ever Dangerous Arizona Scorpions take on GGGg ( i.e the Chicago Blaze) 
Although, Arizona now has a rather dominating 5-1 record against Chicago, Chicago's GGGg style team is just too heavy: perhaps USCL should make a rule for next year against stacking 3 GMS on one team- Please comment on your opinion)
GM Barcenilla vs GM Shulman 1/2-1/2
GM Friedel- IM Molner 1-0
Adelberg- GM Amanov 0-1
Schmakel- Thompson 1/2-1/2
Chicago wins 3-1

For thy non- chess playing readers, here's a music update:) September, 16 I'm seeing Roger Daltrey play the entire Tommy album at BU's Agganis arena!

Next up on the agenda is Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi at the NJ Performance Arts Center on Octomber 21!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Rabin's second round of 2011 USCL Predictions!

I'm only going to explain a few of my predictions this week for the sake of time...

Tuesday's Matches

The finally beaten New England Nor'easters vs the Good Guys (The New York Knights) 

IM Vigorito- GM Kaschi 0-1 
GM Charb- IM Yedidia- 1-0
FM Riordan- Pressman 1/2-1/2::  The great "GM" Pressman makes his USCL debut.. He shall have some solid preparation for Riordan and for a long time defend a slightly worse position to hold a draw. 
Williams- Goldberg 1/2-1/2 
With a margin of error in mind, as Williams- Goldberg is a toss-up, the NY Knights will give the Nor-easters their second loss with a score of 2.5-1.5!

The battle of the revitalized teams: Philly and Carolina
 Both teams are revitalized this year and have much more potential than in the passed. However, things aren't looking to good for Carolina with the time odds they face..
GM Erenburg- IM Schroer 1-0... (You never though as Schroer did woe the crowds last week beating Fishbein) 
FM Korley- FM Bartell 0-1
FM Dehmelt-FM Simpson 1/2-1/2 
Jones-FM M. Shahade 1-0 
Philly wins 2.5-1.5 

St Louis( with Hikaru back!) vs the smooth LA Vibe 

GM Nakamura- GM Khaciyan 1-0 (time odds for Hikaru speed Nakamura--- no difference) 
FM Casella- GM Finegold 0-1
Cao- Kavutskiy 1-0
Yanayt- Ding 1-0
With Hikaru in town, St Louis is no doubt a strong contender: St. Louis wins 3-1

The Vicious Arizona Scorpions vs the Seattle Sluggers (w/o guest slayer Akobian) 
Perhaps, influenced by Akobian's draw last week, he's not making the trip tomorrow. 
GM Barcenilla- Cozianu 1-0 ( Akobian was needed here) 
FM Mikhailuk- IM Aldama 0-1
Adelberg-Sinanan 1/2-1/2
Feng-FM Atoufi 0-1 ( too big of a rating gap) 

Arizona wins 3-1..Margin of Error.....Arizona wins 2.5-1.5

Wednesday's Matches

Bahstan vs Manhattan*
*Before I go on with my predictions for this match, I want to make two things clear to all: 
1) I'm trying to be as objective as possible with my predictions and not siding for which teams I am rooting for and hope the players do not take it personal whether I predict they win, lose or draw
2) Although as I previously pointed out publicly I am currently disappointed with the Blitz, I neither hold any grudges with nor blame any player for anything

Anyways, without further ado: 
Sammour- IM Milman 0-1
IM Bartholomew- IM Esserman 0-1
IM Van de Mortel- IM Mandizha 1/2-1/2
Black-Mosiyenko 1/2-1/2 (On a side- note, please check out a nice article about James Black's celebration party this past weekend for becoming master on Vicary's blog: http://lizzyknowsall.blogspot.com/2011/09/james-blacks-master-celebration-party.html) Congrats James!!
Another Drawn match at the end of the night

Baltimore  and New Joisy Fight to Get a Point of the Scoreboard 
GM "Rybka" Kaufman-GM Gulko 1/2-1/2
IM Ippolito-IM Enkhbat 1-0 ( with a higher rating, the white pieces and a 1-0 record in the USCL against Enkhbat it's hard to predict against Ipppolito)
Defibaugh- A.Shen 1-0 
Wu- Shoch 0-1 
Baltimore wins, leaving NJ in the black with a  2.5-1.5 margin. 

GGGg Chicago vs the Underpar Miami Sharks
Chicago's 3 GM team is just a little ridiculous of course brining back memories of the 2008 USATE team GGGg, which featured GMs Izoria, Perelshteyn, Dzindhi, and a little 300 rated kid.
GM Shulman- FM Olivera 1-0
FM Rodriguez- GM Friedel 0-1
GM Gurevich- Alvarez 1-0
Allen vs  Freitag( g) 1-0
Chicago wins 3-1 ( if Miami has any chance of holding Chicago the match to a draw, Allen must must win, and one board 1-3 needs to score an upset. Chances are though, I can see them at best getting one draw out of the 3 boards)

The Old-time Rivals The SF Mechanics and the Dallas Destiny Duke it Out 
GM Wolff- IM Bercys 1/2-1/2
IM Holt-GM Kraai 1/2-1/2
Naroditsky- Kiewra 1-0
Zorigt- Byambaa 1-0
Just Another Hard-fought Drawn match!!