Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let the streak Continue: Week 3 Predictions Part 1 ! ( and a music update:))

I did pretty awesome for last Wednesday... I guessed %100 correctly for match points and 12/16 (75%) correctly for game points. Let's see if I can keep it up for Monday night:)

First things first, we have the duel between the Silly named Manhattan Applesauce vs the Surprisingly Strong Carolina Cobras

IM Milman-IM Matros 1-0 I don't know much about Matros, but I saw he had a few good recent results.
IM Battaglini- IM Vovsha 1/2-1/2 Battaglini makes his league debut but he has extensive experience playing for Haifa in the Israeli chess league... With white he is rather solid.
IM Bartholomew-FM Klein 1-0
Mabe- Black 1-0

And at the end of the night, Cobra's fantasy streak ends as Manhattan wins 2.5-1.5

The NE Nor'easters trying to get back on track vs the Baltimore Kingfishers in the middle of the pack

GM Shankland-GM Kaufman - it feels good to call my fellow Brandeisian  a GM this year:) 1-0
IM Enhkbat-IM Vigorito 1/2-1/2
FM Bournival vs Balasubramanian 1-0 Last year they drew with the same colors  but I predict this time Bournival will come through with the win
Schoch-Brattain 1-0

NE shall get on the scoreboard as they win 2.5-1.5 

The Seattle Sluggers vs the Miami Sharks duke it out without each teams' heavy hitters ( Akobian and Becerra perspectively) 

FM Cozianu- IM Moreno Roman 1-0
FM Rodriguez- FM Mikhailuk 1-0
WGM Rohonyan- Hernandez 1-0
Alvarez- Kelley 1-0
Tied Match 2-2 

The Ever Dangerous Arizona Scorpions take on GGGg ( i.e the Chicago Blaze) 
Although, Arizona now has a rather dominating 5-1 record against Chicago, Chicago's GGGg style team is just too heavy: perhaps USCL should make a rule for next year against stacking 3 GMS on one team- Please comment on your opinion)
GM Barcenilla vs GM Shulman 1/2-1/2
GM Friedel- IM Molner 1-0
Adelberg- GM Amanov 0-1
Schmakel- Thompson 1/2-1/2
Chicago wins 3-1

For thy non- chess playing readers, here's a music update:) September, 16 I'm seeing Roger Daltrey play the entire Tommy album at BU's Agganis arena!

Next up on the agenda is Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi at the NJ Performance Arts Center on Octomber 21!

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