Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rabin Predicts Week 4: Part 1!!!

The Boneing Philly Inventors( with the great Bone) vs The Tail-ending NE Nor'easters 
GM Erenburg- the Brandeis Judge GM Shankland 1-0 (Sam please prove me wrong!!)
IM Hungaski- FM Bartell 1-0
IM Bonin- FM Bournival 1-0
Brattain-Fisher 0-1
And the Nor'easters shall remain in the dark as Philly win with a 2.5-1.5 margin (Margin of Error)

The Middle of the Pack:The Baltimore Kingfishers vs the Sub-par Bahstan Blitz 
Perhaps the Blitz got a little cocky this week with a sub-par lineup as they are leading the East.
GM Kaufman- FM Griego 1-0
Martirosov- IM Enkhbat 1/2-1/2
Defibaugh- Krasik 0-1
Gu-Schoch 0-1

Baltimore wins 2.5-1.5!! 

Miami with GM Becerra back vs the Ever-strong SF Mechanics 
GM Becerra- GM Bhat 1-0  These players drew the two times they played, once in 05 and once in 08. This time I think Becerra will out play Bhat in a long positional struggle
GM Kraai-FM Rodriguez 1-0
Hernandez- IM Naroditsky 0-1 Perhaps Hernandez could pull of an upset here as he did surprise me last week when he beat WGM Rohonyan, but I'm gonna give the IM an edge here... Rohonyan did after all make a somewhat dubious sac on f7.
Byambaa- Alvarez 0-1
And the final answer is...... a tied match 2-2

The Last night duel of the Night: The Akobianless Seattle Sluggers vs the Talented Dallas Destiny
IM Orlov- IM Bercys 1/2-1/2
GM Sadorra-FM Cozianu 1-0
NM Sinanan- IM Holt 0-1
WFM Labedz-Kelley 1-0 ( It's a little ridiculous that Labedz is now 2387- soon to be over 2400 as she beat two 2300s and 3 2500s in a row at the Southwest Open and is only rated as 2141.)
With a margin of error in mind, Dallas shall have a smooth 3-1 victory 

Chess and music readers alike, stay tuned for my review of Roger Daltrey's killer show in Boston last night!!!

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