Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rabin's Predictions for the End of the First Half of the 2011 USCL Season: Part 1 !

The Under-performing New England Nor'easters take on the veteran New England team  the Boston Blitz
GM Shankland- Sammour Hasbun 1-0 Last week, I underestimated Shanky's abilities... this week I shall not, with the white pieces, he shall bust out some nice novelty and smoothly win from a nice opening advantage.
IM Catdog Esserman- IM Vigorito 1-0: Advanced Caro, Morra?! Not sure what, but I'm sure Catdog will have something up his sleeve... GOTW material?- just maybe
Cherniack-Martirosov 1/2-1/2
Krasik-Goldberg 1-0
and for the first time I all season I predict a win for Boston leaving NE with very minimal play off contention: Boston wins 2.5-1.5

The Also Under-performing NJ Knockouts take on the Balanced lined up Carolina Cobras
GM Benjamin- IM Schroer 1-0
FM Korley-FM Hansen 1-0
Shen-FM Simpson 0-1
Jones-Wu 1-0 Despite Wu's GOTW last week, Jones' large rating edge and white pieces will rule.
and Carolina get back to their winning ways after two consecutive losses as with a margin of error in mind, Carolina shall win 2.5-1.5

The Arachnida vs Sharks: The Arizona Scorpions vs the Miami Sharks
IM Molner- GM Becerra 1/2-1/2
FM Rodriguez- IM Altounian 0-1
IM Ginzburg-Hernandez 1-0
FM Palaez- Mateer 1-0
And the Scorpions shall keep their playoff hopes alive as Arizona wins 2.5-1.5

The Dallas Destiny bring out GM Chirila against the Desperate-to-Win LA Vibe
GM Chirila- GM Khaciyan 1/2-1/2
IM Amanov- IM Bercys 0-1
WGM Abrahamyan-Vaidya 1-0
Lu-Labedz 0-1
and with a MOE in mind, The Dallas Destiny shall win 2.5-1.5!


  1. dO I rEaLly lLoK lIkE a GuY wItH a PlAn? I jUsT dO ThInGs.

  2. Wait, why is Jorge predicted to lose his 4th in a row, even though he won all three so far???

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