Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rabin's Prognostics for Week 5: Part 2

Monday Night, I did not fare to well with only 1/4 match points and a mere 5/16 game points correct. Let's see I if I can redeem myself through my predictions for tomorrow night!:

First of all we see the subway series in which the World Famous NY Knights take on the 2nd rate NY team the Manhattan Apple Sauce
I will be mainly watching this match, on a Boltbus from Boston to NY!

GM Kascheishvili- GM Stripunsky 1-0 These top level NY GMS duked out two draws the in the last two years in USCL... Both of those times Kaschi had the black pieces. Now Kaschi take order with white.
IM Vovsha- IM Krush 1-0
"GM" Pressman- IM Mandizha 0-1 (close call knowing both players well)
Smith- Gershenov 0-1
In a match with all decisive games, the result will be peaceful : Drawn Match 2-2 

The City of Brotherly Love's Inventors vs the Balanced Baltimore Kingfishers 

GM Erenburg-GM Kaufman 1-0: Erenburg shall prove him self worthy of playing on a different team.
IM Enkhbat- FM Bartell 1/2-1/2
IM Bonin- WGM Foisor 1-0: In the words of Jay himself, he's gonna go for a full bone!!
Defibaugh- Fisher 1-0 a tough call between the likely two strongest board 4s in the league but my instinct said Jared would win (the white pieces help out his cause)
but at the end of the night, Erenburg and the Bone shall lead Philly to win with a  2.5-1.5 victory

The Bullet-proof Chicago Blaze vs the Hikaruless St. Louis Arch Bishops 
Unfortunately for St. Louis, Hikaru is too busy drawing the likes of Ivanchuk and Anand in St. Paulo and not playing in the league... ( Shows the problem of putting all their eggs in one basket)

GM Friedel- GM Finegold 1-0
IM Vojinovic- GM Gurevich 1/2-1/2
IM Young-FM Eckert 1-0 Eckert has shocked me of times in the league so far, but its hard to predict him to score against one who is 200 points higher rated and has the white pieces..
Karlow- Schmakel 0-1
With a margin of error in mind, Chicago will win 3-1 Can anyone stop Chicago?!

The Balanced Bunch that make up the SF Mechanics vs the Akobian-led Seattle Sluggers 
With Akobian back in town, Seattle has prospects, but as we shall see, probably not enough to handle the Mechanics:
GM Kraai- GM Akobian 1/2-1/2 Kraai is quite a rock with the white pieces- he never lost a game with white in USCL history--- if Seattle wants to win, Akobian may have to deal Kraai his 1st USCL loss with white.
FM Mikhailuk-IM Naroditsky 0-1
IM Pruess-Kelley 1-0
Golub-Sevian 1-0
And the Sluggers shall face a difficult time making the playoffs as San Francisco shall win 2.5-1.5

In other new for those of you observing Rosh Hoshanah: !לשנה תטובה