Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Second Half of Week 4!

I didn't do too bad tonight... 2/4 match predictions correct and  9/16 game points correct:) Let's see how I shall fare Wednesday night!

The Secondary New York Team the Manhattan Applesauce duke it out with the other side of the Hudson River: The New Joisy Knockouts 
GM Stripunsky- GM Benjamin 1/2-1/2 These GMS have an even score in USCL history.. In 2007, Benjamin outplayed Stripunsky with the white pieces. In 2008, they had a relatively boring draw and in 2009, Stripunsky brought home the full point with the black pieces. It's time for another draw!
IM Berezovsky-IM Bartholomew 0-1 I know absolutely nothing about IM Berezovsky, as he doesn't even have a USCF rating, but he must be out of practice.
IM Mandizha- FM Hansen 1-0
Wu- Black 1/2-1/2
All in all, Manhattan cruises to victory with a 3-1 score

The Unpredictable Carolina Cobras vs My Homies: The New York Knights
 IM Schroer-GM Kacheishvili 0-1 Giorgi shall seek revenge for his disappointing loss to Schroer which led to GOTW in last year's week 7 and stir up some nice home preparation.
GM Fedorowicz-FM Korley 1-0
Simpson- Herman 0-1 Considering the fact that in the last two years, Simpson had 15/15 decisive games with his crazy style, and Herman shall seek to re-raise his self-esteem after a sub-par start for this season, I can only see a good result for him Wednesday!
Williams- Jones 1/2-1/2
Without further ado, with a moe in mind, NY Shall win 3-1 

The St Louis Arch Bishops Dying to Get On the Scoreboard vs the So-far Sub Par Arizona Scorpions
GM Finegold- IM Molner 1-0
IM Altounian- IM Vojinovic 1/2-1/2
FM Eckert- FM Adamson 0-1
FM Atoufi- Karlow 1-0
and the Arch Bishops shall remain with a big 0 as Arizona wins 2.5-1.5 ( Where in the world is Hikaru Nakamura?!)

The Middle of the Pack The LA Vibe take on the Perfect Chicago Blaze 
Without Chicago's GGGg line up, the LA Vibe stand a chance, but let's see how much of one....
GM Khaciyan- GM Shulman 1/2-1/2 Shulman opened his USCL career last year with a GOTW win over Khaciyan but that was with this white pieces.. This time I predict a quieter game and a draw to boot.
GM Amanov- IM Amanov ( the Battle of the Amanovs although not related ) 1-0
WGM Abrahamyan- FM Dean 1-0
Menon-Lu 1-0 ( don't know either player so I'll go by rating on this one)
Unfortunately for LA, Chicago is still a favorite, only being a GGgg team, as Chicago shall win 2.5-1.5

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