Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Civil War Part 2

I did pretty....pretty....pretty....pretty...pretty....pretty..pretty... pretty.. good last night. ( name the reference for Rabin brownie points:)) Game points not so much: 7/16 but Match Points Yes: 3/4

Before I share reveal Rabin's great prophecies for tomorrow night, I thought I'd mention something about  Klein's incident last night against Holt. I think if it was clearly a mistake that he resigned (which it obviously was since he had sufficient compensation for just one pawn( not a lot of material), he should have been granted permission to continue playing. For next year, this policy should definitely change.

Without further ado:

Last Year's Division Champs Fight to Stay in the 2011 Race: The Miami Sharks vs the NE Nor'easeters
GM Becerra-IM Hungaski 1-0
IM Yedidia- FM Olivera 1-0
FM Rodriguez- FM Riordan 0-1
Fikiet- Alvarez 1-0
With a MOE in mind, NE beats Miami again with a  2.5-1.5 margin!

The Unstoppable(?!) Chicago Blaze vs the Average Joe Baltimore Kingfishers
GM Amanov-GM Margvelashvili 1-0
IM Enkhbat- GM Gurevich 1/2-1/2 (Enkhbat white against any 2400+ in USCL=draw)
IM Young- Defibaugh 1-0
Schoch- Menon 1-0 and Schoch remains a solid contender for bd 4 all-star with a 4/4 score!
and Chicago wins yet again: 2.5-1.5

The Underdog St. Louis Arch Bishops vs the Somewhat Surprisingly Super Strong Philadelphia Inventors ( yay for alliteration:)) 
GM Finegold- GM Panchanathan 1/2-1/2
FM Bartell-FM Banawa 1-0
Cao-IM Bonin 1/2-1/2 Given  a good match situation on the other boards, Bonin shall play it safe and go for the 1/2 Bone!
Fisher- Hua 1-0 Fisher's record so far= phenomenal, playing his lowest rated opponent yet, he shall remain 100%
and the final answer is.......... Philly wins 3-1!

The Statistically Identical from both sides of the US face off: The SF Mechanics (3-2) vs the Manhattan Applesauce (3-2) with average ratings this week with a mere 7 pt difference 
GM Wolff- GM Stripunsky 1/2-1/2 On a side note, if you haven't seen it yet, check out an interesting article from Thursday's New York Times about the relationship of finance jobs and chess, which also mentions the USCL participant Matthew Herman   http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2011/09/29/good-at-chess-a-hedge-fund-may-want-to-hire-you/
IM Milman ( another chess/finance wiz)- IM Zilberstein 1-0
IM Pruess- FM Zaremba 1-0
Prilleltensky- Sevian 1/2-1/2
and both teams maintain a plus 1 score in their perspective divisions as the match shall be drawn 2-2

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