Sunday, October 9, 2011

Erab's take on the 1st 1/2 of the 7th week of fun in the USCL 2011!

The 2011 USCL season is winding down as the teams stiffly compete for playoff spots! 

The "Bad" Boston Blitz in the middle of the pack vs the Leader of the Pack: The Philly Inventors
GM Perelshteyn-Erenburg 1/2-1/2- two rock gms
FM Bartell- IM Jan van de Mortel 1-0 ( going with my first instincts here: wake up guy and go for a win!)
Martirosov- IM Bonin 1/2-1/2 a game between two rocks usually leads to a half bone!
Fisher-Krasik 0-1 I'm going with my gut here and will predict the board 4 mvp will finally fall to the league's trash talking mvp

and Philly slows down, letting NY take first, as there shall be a Drawn Match 2-2

The King Killing NY Knights takes on their "foreign" neighbors the New Joisy Knockouts
GM Kacheishvili- GM Benjamin 1-0 In three USCL Games, these solid gms have three draws- i think its time for Kachi to go for a nice long positional squeeze.
IM Ippolito-GM Fedorowicz 1/2-1/2 The Fed shall equalize and offer a draw relatively early on
Herman-Ng 1-0
Wu-Bodek 1/2-1/2

and NY takes 1st the in the East as with a moe in mind, NY Shall win 2.5-1.5!

 The LA Vibe seek revenge against last year's loss to the Miami Sharks
GM Khaciyan-GM Becerra 1/2-1/2
FM Olivera-IM Matikozyan 0-1
WGM Abrahamyan- FM Rodriguez 1-0: last week I very much regrettably predicted Rodriguez would lose when he had a very nice Catdog Esserman style Morra win. However, with black I objectively don't like his chances much here. But surprises happen so we shall see!
Rosenthal-Lu 1-0 toss up here between two players I underestimated in the past

and in the long run, Miami's playoff chances will be slim as LA shall win 2.5-1.5

Two teams - Their Big Guns Duke it Out: The Seattle Sluggers vs the St. Louis Archbishops
FM Cozianu- GM Finegold 1/2-1/2 ( close call between Finegold winning and drawing)
IM Vojinovic-FM Milat 1-0
Sinanan-FM Eckert  1-0
Ruan-Feng 1-0 ( complete toss-up, gonna go with rating and white pieces as an indicator)

and St. Louis shall keep microscopic chances of making the playoffs as St. Louis wins 2.5-1.5 


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